How To Have A Spring Break Slumber Party

It's hard for me to say the phrase "spring break" without adding a "WooOoO!" at the end of it. Spring break is the kind of occasion that can't be mentioned in an e-mail without a string of exclamation points after it, and that's why it's such an important occasion, especially for the college student who needs that extra positivity in their life after months of commuting in the snow, and for the burned out college grad who can't get time away from the office, but can plan the ultimate spring break slumber party in lieu of a vacay to Florida. Hear me out.

Despite what the media might tell you, there are numerous ways you can spend your spring break. Trip to Cancun with your besties? Sure! Using the week to visit family you haven't seen since Christmas? Definitely! Watching all of Breaking Bad on Netflix again, for the third time? Go for it. Nothing is stopping you, girl. This is the time to relax, so do you.

However, can I offer a suggestion? When was the last time you had a slumber party? I'm not talking about the time your friend passed out on your living room floor after drinking a majority of your whiskey... I'm talking about an honest-to-goodness, pajama-filled slumber party. They're not just for kids, you know. Throwing one at your place will give you the benefit of having a relaxing time with your buddies while spending just a little money on a bottle of wine, some Doritos, and a RedBox rental.

Even if you're in a relationship, you probably need a welcoming break from your significant other — and even if you don't have a set spring break these days, this will only require a weekend night of fun. So grab your pillows, and try out these ideas for throwing a spring break slumber party.

1. Invest in some amazing PJs

When you're solo, you're fine sleeping in an old, ratty tank top and some undies. Use this as an excuse to buy something cute and new, preferably something that comes in a set. If your friends are game, consider holding a "who wears them best?" contest. The winner could be the one who decides what movie you'll watch later.

Even if you don't decide to hold a contest, treat yourself to some new PJs. Seriously, you might just sleep better in something comfortable. It's a type of clothing that we rarely run out to get without a good excuse. Skip the lingerie, unless you want to make a friend feel pretty awkward. Spring break doesn't always need to include a boob showcase.

2. Play bartender to your friends

Drinking at home with a group can help you stay safe, and avoid any questionable situations. Consider making a specialty spring break cocktail that'll appeal to everyone, or splurge and see what everyone feels like sipping on that evening. To save on money, consider making it a booze potluck. Make sure to include some soda or apple cider for friends who might not feel the need for alcohol, but still want to have a good time.

3. Bust out the classics

You should have some movies on hand that you know your friends have seen a billion times before. That way, it'll be no big deal if someone talks through it — which is bound to happen. If you ever wanted to create a Clueless drinking game, this might be the best opportunity. If you just want to swoon whenever young Paul Rudd is on screen, you can do that as well. I mean, that guy continues to be adorable.

4. Gather the vintage games

One of my best Salvation Army finds was a working version of Dream Phone, a game that I wanted so badly when I was younger but never got my hands on. I ended up finally playing it with friends the day before my wedding, which was the perfect way to de-stress and look at some dorks from the '80s who might "really like" me!

Girl Talk is another classic, especially since some of the dares are downright laughable now. I mean, "suck on a lemon"? "Push a coin across the room with your nose"? If they seem to be a little too G-rated for you, consider livening them up and making them a little more relevant to the twenty or thirtysomething.

5. Make it a manicure party

Even though I'm 31 and have been painting my own nails for approximately 20 years, my right hand always looks like shit and requires a lot of nail polish remover TLC after the second coat. A while back, for a friend's wedding, a fellow bridesmaid painted my nails for me and I felt like it was definitely a "moment." Not only did they look fantastic, but we bonded a bit.

If everyone brings a few colors, it'll be just like you all went out to the professionals, but incredibly cheaper and more fun.

6. Have a lip sync competition

After Jimmy Fallon introduced his lip sync challenges, I've been dying to bust out my own renditions to "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne and... well, every other song off of Avril Lavigne's first two albums. They're catchy, OK?

Lip sync contests are amazing, since of course, no singing talent is necessary. You might need a drink or two to loosen up prior to, which is totally fine. You might want to make it clear as to whether or not videotaped performances have the privilege of leaving the house and hitting the Internet prior to proceeding, just to make sure everyone is on the same page.

7. Prep for summer

Having the opportunity to hang with all of your closest friends becomes more and more of a rarity as you get older, and people develop their own itineraries. With everyone in the same room, it's the best time to plan something for the summer. Maybe a beach trip? Maybe another slumber party? Whatever it is, it's bound to be more fun to plan it face to face, instead of through a group text.

In order to make it official, maybe you can start shopping for your summer swimsuits online, which is a lot more fun when you don't need to try them on in person surrounded by seven judgmental mirrors.

8. Mix your chips, old-school style

Yeah, you can get the pre-made mix. But there's something thrilling about buying a gigantic bag of Doritos, a gigantic bag of Ruffles, something sour cream & onion flavored, and — why the hell not — those pretzels with the peanut butter inside. Even if you're dieting, you have a right to go food crazy tonight. I mean, it's spring break! (Wooo!) Nothing says "party" like having your fingers coated with orange flavor dust.

9. Start up a creative project together

The worst part about growing up is the fact that we have less and less time to be our creative selves — especially if we're not surrounded by a group of equally creative minds on a regular basis. If your friends have a similar sense of humor and plenty of good ideas, use them as resources. Even if it's something weird, like writing a song together that'll never see the light of day, at least it's a fun project that'll always remind you of the spring break party whenever you hear it again. (Even if it turns into a drunk MP3, it'll always be a memory.)

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