11 Ways To Bring Spring Break To You

Though we're only two months into 2015, the dreary days and dark nights have many people looking for a break from reality. More specifically, a spring break. During this chilly time of year, college students and adults alike flee their frigid homes and travel to more tropical destinations. After a week of rest and relaxation (not to mention an endless supply of margaritas), they return with a readiness to take on the real world.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go on a vacation this time of year. For a long list of reasons — a bitchy boss, low bank account, no one to travel with — many of us will be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, forced to live vicariously through our friends' Facebook statuses and Instagram posts.

But who says you have to pack a suitcase to go on spring break? It's more than possible to enjoy the perks of spring break without leaving your living room. Granted, your views will be of snow rather than sand, but that’s an easy obstacle to overcome. After all, spring break is more about your state of mind than the state you stay in. Whether you're a college student who waited until the last minute to make plans or an adult who is no longer rewarded with a week off, here are 11 easy ways to bring spring break to you.

1. Turn up the heat

Frightful winter weather doesn't make for an ideal spring break setting. Although the snowy streets are beyond your control, you can do something about the temperature. Simply move the thermostat up a few notches, and you'll be lounging in a bikini in no time. Just remember to turn it down at the end of the week to avoid an astronomical gas bill.

2. Blend a tropical beverage

The easiest way to transport yourself to paradise? An island-inspired drink. Sure it won't be served by a sexy bartender, but sipping on a flavorful beverage can put you in a tropical state of mind.

3. Dump some sand in the living room

Nothing says spring break like the feeling of sand between your toes (and other parts of your body). This may — OK, definitely will — make a mess, but it's much cheaper than traveling to a real beach. Maybe lay down a tarp on the floor, first.

4. Stock up on some light reading

You wouldn't travel across the country without a stack of magazines, right? Even though your journey is less than 10 feet, catching up on celebrity gossip is a vacation essential.

5. Enjoy a day drink

Now, this plan doesn't work if you have to go into the office. So before whipping out the margarita mix, make sure to call in sick.

6. Act like a tourist

It's always fun to explore your area, especially if you put a little humor in it. Venture out to an unfamiliar neighborhood and ask the locals for directions and restaurant recommendations. To take your act to the next level, invest in some fanny packs and disposable cameras.

7. Indulge in some spa treatments

College students can't afford any pampering. But you're an adult, damn it, and it’s time to treat yourself. Of course, if you are still trying to save some money, then there's nothing wrong with taking the DIY route.

8. Spend a night at a hotel

And not a nice one that leaves a mint on your pillow. For a real spring break experience, reserve a room at the cheapest motel you can find, and try to squeeze as many people into it as possible.

9. Hop from bar to bar

Grab the girls and head out for a night of debauchery and, hopefully, free drinks. To ensure you stay safe, make sure to take a cab home together that evening.

10. Party till dawn

Or, at least, until the bar tender tells you to leave. Once you've closed your tab, head to the nearest dinner for a delicious, drunken feast.

11. Sleep... a lot

You'll need every ounce of energy to partake in such a wild spring break. That, and there really isn't much else to do.

Images: ABC Studios; Carlos Madrigal, The Bitten Word, Shelly S, Curtis Perry /Flickr; Wiffle Gif (7)