'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 7 Reunion Spoilers: Assigned Seats, Security, & Absolutely No Props

The best reality TV moments are unpredictable, but that doesn't mean there's no reason to get excited about the possibilities of what may happen. And even though Real Housewives of Atlanta's seventh season has been mostly subdued, in the past few episodes there's been a sharp uptick in scandal, from Apollo's meltdown to "Mr. Chocolate." The actual Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 reunion hasn't even been taped yet, but Bravo's security measures were so careful, that they've already been planned out to the smallest detail. Sounds like they desperately want to avoid another brawl with physical fighting or any potential lawsuits. Because they lucked out that Kenya was actively and aggressively courting a fight with Porsha, because if someone else had been grabbed by the hair? They may have gotten into a much more serious legal situation.

A lot was made of the increasing security measures added to the reunion, but those will be mostly behind the scenes, and hopefully the presence of big, beefy security dudes standing around the set don't stifle all the fantastic wordplay one can usually expect from a RHOA gathering.

Assigned Seating

No more Teresa Giudice-esque wandering off of the set. This year, unless previously given permission, all the ladies will have to sit in their (pre-assigned) seats for the duration of the taping, only allowed to get up when the cameras are off and the questions from Andy Cohen have stopped. That also means that Bravo can strategically place Phaedra and Kenya at opposite ends of the couch, preventing temptation for even a little shoving.

No Props

It was after Kenya brought a whole Carrot Top collection of various items intended to goad Porsha — and after it worked and Porsha grabbed Kenya by the hair — that the kibosh was put on Housewives bringing props to the set of any Housewives reunion taping. But you can still bring a file folder full of papers, which is, after all, the most important RH prop.

Mama Joyce May Appear

For the past few weeks, Todd and Kandi have gotten the spotlight, which has seemed a little weird. We know that they're not going to end up splitting up, and there's nothing that suggests they're having a baby right now. But that might be because there's a chance that Kandi's Mama Joyce could end up apologizing to Todd for the inflammatory remarks she made about his late mother over the years.

Porsha and Kenya Could Share the Stage

Porsha Williams was officially demoted to "friend of" the Housewives because Andy Cohen claimed her storylines were just too boring to continue. But everyone knows that the big fight with Kenya had to play some kind of role in the demotion, especially since Kenya ended up not taking her assault case to court and even making up with Porsha, which allowed Bravo to continue employing both women. But now they're both returning to the scene of the crime, and even with all the added measures... there's no accounting for what might happen.

No Drinking... for the 'Wives, At Least

The strictest edict from Bravo? No alcohol on the reunion set! But they can pry my drinks out of my cold, dead, hands, because there's no WAY I can sit through three hours of these ladies being forced to sit in the same seats, screaming, but not fighting, with commercial breaks every ten minutes.

Image: Wilford Harewood/Bravo; Giphy (5)