10 Times Bruce Wayne Proved That He's Already Batman On 'Gotham'

Gotham isn't about Batman. It's a show about Bruce Wayne at the very beginning of his heroic journey, and villains at all different stages of their own transformations. I love the moments where Bruce Wayne shows his Batman side on Gotham, and we get a glimpse at his iconic future. Many key moments in the origin story of Batman have yet to appear on the series, but Bruce has already displayed some characteristics of the caped crusader. He is acquaintances with Detective Gordon, but they aren't as close as we know they will be later on. Gordon is far too worried with other threats to consider that this child could be a great resource and aid in his mission. Bruce also hasn't taken on any sidekicks yet. Nobody shows up with any fancy gadgets to try out and the show hasn't introduced Master Wayne's fear of bats yet. However, there is more to Batman than the utility belt and bat imagery, and those other aspects are what Gotham has shown us in Bruce.

Young Bruce Wayne already has the qualities of the Dark Knight that Will Arnett laid out in The Lego Movie: he's a fan of darkness, he has no parents, and he's super rich. He even listens to heavy metal. Gotham's Bruce has the soft-spoken, upper class mannerisms down, and seems to be able to tell when people are lying to him. Those are some good skills to start off with, and here are some moments from Gotham's first season where Bruce Wayne was unabashedly the Bat.

Rocking Wayne Enterprises Like A Boss

Because he is, in fact, the boss. Did you start to hear "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" playing in your head when little Bruce Wayne strolled into the boardroom, started asking dangerous questions and demanding dangerous answers? He clearly has a long way to go to become CEO of a company that's trying to kill him, but that was an iconic moment.

Chatting Up Catwoman Like A Debonair

I wouldn't say that Bruce Wayne is making all the moves in this relationship, but isn't that always the case with Batman and Catwoman?

Galavanting In The Woods Like A Free Spirit

As someone who finds the scenes in Iron Man movies where Tony Stark is building things far more interesting than the scenes where he's blowing things up, this was an important Gotham moment to me. While Alfred ultimately found Bruce, the kid was doing his own problem solving and getting out of a dangerous situation by himself.

Standing On Top Of Buildings Like A Bird

This scene from the pilot is the first of many roof-side chats between Gordon and Wayne.

Touching Fire Like An Adrenaline Junkie

What's more like a brooding Batman than saying something like "I'm learning to conquer fear"? Bruce is going through a hard time as a new orphan, and played around a lot with his own fear and value of life. As anyone who's familiar with Batman knows, he'll never lighten up.

Boxing Lessons Like A Crusader

Alfred is no Ra's Al Ghul, but young Bruce Wayne's penchant for self-defense is a sign.

Hangin' With The Butler Like A Rich Orphan

Alfred is the constant in Bruce Wayne's life, but he's always an employee. Every time Bruce commands him and ends a sentence with "that's an order," I'm reminded of an older, hardened Batman.

Beating Up Bullies Like A Hero

When Tommy Elliot insulted Bruce's dead mother, he had another thing coming. Bruce didn't rest until he was able to exact his revenge. Don't mess with the Batman if you don't want the... wings?

Investigating Mysteries Like A Justice Fiend

When Alfred was attacked, Bruce decided to find his attacker. He's also gone off with Selena to discover the identity of her attackers. In the scene above, he created a murder board for the Goat.

Wanted By Authority Figures Like A Vigilante

Granted, the authority figures are the big bosses at Wayne Enterprises and not local police or politicians in Gotham City. Still, young Bruce is already getting himself into trouble by investigating his parents' company, their involvement with Arkham, and the various nefarious goings on about town. Batman almost always has more enemies than allies, and Gotham proves it.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX (5); FOX (3)