'Eye Candy' Left A Few Clues About Jake's Motives

by Keertana Sastry

After eight question-raising episodes, Eye Candy finally gave fans some answers. In the penultimate episode of the first season, it was revealed that the Flirtual Killer on Eye Candy is Jake Bolin, Lindy's Australian, super good-looking boyfriend. And while that makes the future of Tindy look a little brighter, we have the slight problem that currently Lindy is on a boat to Hart's Island alone with Jake, and has yet to figure out his deadly secret. Now, I know that since the very first episode, everyone has come up with their fair share of theories as to who the killer could have been and suspect number one for quite a while was Jake. But his alibi checked out when Babylon was still a mystery, and he was conveniently at Lindy's party when she was kidnapped. Tommy and the rest of the Cyber Crimes Unit now know he's the killer, but could fans have figured it out sooner? Were there signs that we missed, or even ignored?

I definitely got some suspicious vibes from Jake during the first few episodes after he was introduced and started hanging out with Lindy. But admittedly, after he was cleared of being a suspect, I stopped caring that there was a part of me that found him a bit creepy. So what did I miss or ignore because the investigation let him off the hook?

The most obvious thing we can all now think back to is when Jake showed up at Lindy's door for their first date to make her dinner, instead of taking her out on the town. Back then, it still seemed like Jake could have been a killer, but once he was cleared, that scene went from creepy to just a man trying too hard to make a good impression on his future girlfriend and her friends.

But what about after Lindy's birthday rager? The most recent episode where we found out Jake's true identity has some nuggets that I chose to look past or just completely didn't think about. For example, when Jake and Lindy started investigating Sara's possible connection to Mary, Shaw's niece and kidnapping victim, Jake pushed Lindy to keep digging and essentially illegally search Hart's Island when they couldn't get the answer they needed from print records. At the time, I thought it was just because he cared for Lindy and wanted her to find peace of mind. But now, it's obvious he just needed to get her alone and on the island.

The same goes for when his car broke down. Lindy saw his suspiciously severe bruise (which I now believe was given to him by Shaw) and she woke up the next day feeling almost hungover, despite not having much to drink the night before.

And let's not forget all the looks Jake gave Lindy and Tommy during their investigation into Jake's intern's creepy Babylon situation. At the time, it just seemed like he was jealous, but now we can argue there was something even more deeply rooted in those stares. Perhaps he was also threatened, angry, or experiencing some psychotic feeling that we don't yet understand.

It also now seems odd to me that the other men in Lindy's life have been put in danger right in front of her by the Flirtual Killer. She knew that a car was about to hit Tommy and stopped it to save him, she watched as Reese and Ben died. Jake was put in danger by Bubonic when he was chained to that bomb in Sophia's club, but we never really saw the Flirtual killer go after him. If the killer was really stalking Lindy and watching her every move, he would have seen all the times she was with Jake and probably would have retaliated against him much sooner. But even in the scene at the park when they kissed, the killer went after Lindy rather than Jake, because she apparently "broke his heart." Now this just feels like a misdirect from Jake.

All in all, we know the killer's identity now so it's easy to dissect everything he's ever said and done. But I'm less interested in the past, and much more interested in what happens after the false "nice guy" alter ego is dropped for good. How is Lindy going to get out of this one?

Images: MTV; bellblake, eyecandy-mtv, eyecandytv/Tumblr