14 Innovative Justin Timberlake Moments In Honor Of His iHeart Radio Innovator Award

Justin Timberlake has always been a trendsetter and, in my opinion, the most perfect man alive. He has proved himself to be a triple threat, achieving success as a singer, actor, and a comedian. It looks like the folks over at iHeart Radio have taken notice of his wide array of talents, as it was announced Monday that Timberlake will receive the iHeartRadio Innovator Award at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards, set to air on March 29 on NBC.

Tom Poleman, iHeart Radio's President of National Programming Platforms, announced Timberlake's forthcoming Innovator Award in a statement, proclaiming:

Justin is one of the most dynamic artists of our lifetime, a visionary whose influence on pop culture starts with brilliant music and stretches well beyond... I'm amazed how he regularly breaks barriers that continue to shape and define music trends. We're thrilled to recognize him among his peers — who also proudly call themselves his fans.

All I have to say in response is a resounding duh. For decades, Timberlake has been wooing us with his pipes, bringing sexy back with his dance moves, making us laugh on SNL, and just showing up every other guy, like, ever, in just about every way imaginable.

In honor of our favorite Innovator, lets take a look back at all of the times Timberlake improved our lives with his trendsetting and ingenuity (in no particular order, because these are all equally astonishing moments of human innovation).

1. His Ramen Noodle Hair

Who can forget Justin's infamous frost tips from his days in N*SYNC? This obviously takes the number one spot, for what college student will open up a package of Ramen without immediately thinking of the noodle-inspired hair that took the world by storm?

2. When He Taught Us How to Dance

If you are ever in a gloomy mood, I would implore you to revisit some of N*SYNC's old music videos, because Timberlake's groovy moves will surely put some pep in your step. In all seriousness, Timberlake really is a phenomenal dancer (but there is nothing better than some throwback JT moves to put a smile on your face).

3. ...And then Taught Queen Bey How to Dance

Timberlake raised my standards with this SNL appearance. Any dude who wants to hang with me has got to be able to pull of a leotard as well as Justin does.

4. When He Made Boy Bands Cool


Okay, so this one wasn't all Timberlake... but it was mostly Timberlake (with a pinch of JC, and perhaps a dash of Joey, for N*SYNC fans who took the road less traveled). Also, for any of you out there trying to say Backstreet Boys were the first to make boy bands cool, all I have to say is...

5. When He Showed Us the True Range of Human Emotion With His Face

Timberlake undoubtedly has trophy cases full of awards at home, but one award he has not received yet is the Award for Best Facial Expressions Ever. He taught me at a young age what it meant to have emotional depth. In fact, he just might have been the inspiration for my high school angst.

6. When He Transcended the Boundaries of Live Action

Justin Timberlake is royalty even in imaginary worlds that are far, far away in the land of animation.

7. When He Did Michael Jackson Justice

There are very few people who can pull off a Michael Jackson song and do the King of Pop justice. With Timberlake's cover of Jackson's "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)," he officially proved that he can hang with the musical big dogs.

8. The Inception of Timberbiel

Harry How/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As much as I fondly reminisce on the days of Justin and Britney, no duo could ever top Justin and Jessica, the best couple ever. Could they be any cuter?

9. When Timberbiel Showed the World How to Do Wedding Photos

Pinteresters everywhere sighed a communal groan of envy at these adorably, unique wedding pics.

10. His Epic Bromance with Jimmy Fallon

It's hard to pick my favorite moment of Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon magic. The two are comedic perfection with so many golden moments to choose from. If I have to pick just one though, it has to be when Timberlake played Fallon in front of Fallon. His impression of Fallon was spot on, and nothing's better than seeing these two lose it in a fit of giggles.

11. When He Made Us Laugh on SNL... Over and Over Again

Timberlake is one of the elite few who can call himself a part of the "Five-Timers Club," reserved exclusively for people who have hosted SNL five times. He has killed it in every SNL appearance he has made. This video is just one of the hilarious skits that he has been a part of in his time on SNL. Seriously, why isn't Timberlake a regular SNL cast member by now?

12. When He Gave Meaning to the Month of May

Before JT, May was a meaningless month, devoid of the excitement of fun months like July or December. With only Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo to look forward to in the month of May, we needed to something to boost our spirits and get us excited. Enter Justin Timberlake.

13. When He Brough Sexy Back

Where sexy went, no one knows. But he brought it back. Hard.

14. The Denim Suit Heard 'Round the World


If only you knew how many times I have searched for some derivative of this outfit to wear for Halloween... Seriously, this has got to be one of the best pop culture moments of my life. I will yearn for an all-denim getup until the day that I die thanks to this moment.

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