The Denim Dress Showdown: Blake Lively Vs. Katy Perry Vs. Britney Spears

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 24: Rapper Riff Raff (L) and singer Katy Perry attend the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV)
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Now, there's three stars you wouldn't necessarily expect to see in a line-up: Head-shaving, snake-dancing Britney. Cupcake-wearing, firework-shooting Katy. Gossip Girl-starring, Ryan Reynolds-marrying Blake. And yet, here we are. And the reason they're in a line-up together is even more surprising than the line-up itself — contrary to what you might assume, it's not about who's selling the best fragrance (though, it's a toss-up between Katy and Britney), or who has the best lifestyle website (ahem, Preserve), or who has the best pop album. Nope, it comes down to who wore a denim full-length gown best.

Britney famously did denim first, at the 2001 American Music Awards — with a very handy assist from Justin Timberlake. Katy Perry followed suit along with Riff Raff at the 2014 VMAs (it was quite the homage, and Britney colored herself quite honored by the statement), and now the latest to take on the denim mantle is none other than Blake Lively — courtesy of a photoshop by her hubby (AKA Ryan Reynolds). Now, who wore it best?

Britney Spears

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Iconic. I mean, look at JT's fedora and ombre sunglasses!

Katy Perry

The mega-bangs complement the look nicely, and all the patchy detailing make it an overall nice update to Britney's OG look (also, how great is Riff Raff mugging in the background?).

Blake Lively

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Extra points for that expert photoshop job, right? Especially the way he swapped out Justin's head for his own — it's utterly seamless! Also, Britney's beachy blonde waves look right at home on Blake (funny how that particular trend made its way back from 2001 to 2015), so there's that.

What do you think? I'm always going to love Britney and JT, but these new takes on the look keep it alive and in our pop culture consciousness!

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