Is Jinger Duggar Courting? The Next '19 Kids And Counting' Wedding Could Be Hers, If You Believe The Rumors

Lately, 19 Kids and Counting has been all about courtship and weddings. First Jill, and now Jessa — who's next? Although plenty of people might want to say Jana, the oldest daughter, has to be the next Duggar to get out of that giant aluminum compound they call a house, it doesn't seem like she's been seeing anyone lately. So is Jinger Duggar courting? According to baseless internet rumors, she might be courting Lawson Bates, one of the sons of the Duggar family's close pals. Unfortunately, baseless internet rumors are all we have to go by until Jim Bob and Michelle decide to pipe up about their next betrothed child.

Word on the street is that either Jinger or Jana is dating Lawson, because he's been seen hanging out with their family a lot — especially after he and his sisters were spotted going to Washinton, D.C. with the Duggars for an anti-abortion rally, a trip that both girls were on. Unfortunately, the evidence stops there, and Lawson being on a trip with close family friends literally means nothing. I will admit that, from what little I know about him, he would make a good match for either girl, since he shares a love of music and their political beliefs, and goes on plenty of mission trips like the Duggars love to do (plus, he's kinda cute).

I'm not convinced this is something that's actually happening, though, so don't get too excited. Besides, I'm hoping Jana's the next daughter to court. From her perspective, it can't be easy to see her younger sisters married and starting families, after being raised in a family and faith that make marriage out to be the single most important thing for women. In fact, it's not even considered proper for her to start her life as an adult if she's single. It's not what I believe, but it's obviously something the Duggars take very seriously, so I can't help but think it's rough for 25-year-old Jana.

And as for Jinger? I'm hoping she decides to do something amazing with that photography talent of hers and be the first Duggar female to start her own business. Of course, if she wants to get married and start a family soon, that's cool too — as long as it's what she wants.

In the meantime, we'll have to keep looking for Instagram clues and hoping Jim Bob and Michelle to announce who's courting next at the right time. Let's just hope it's soon, because I'm getting impatient!

Image: duggarfam/Instagram