'Broad City' Ends Season 2 On A High Note With Help From Guest Star Patricia Clarkson — And Some Weed, Of Course

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have already proven that they can lure in some serious star power to their Comedy Central show Broad City — and the show's season finale on March 18 was no exception. Patricia Clarkson joined the amazing list of guest stars on Broad City in the Season 2 finale, "St. Mark's." Clarkson is no stranger to being on hilarious TV shows — she was Ron Swanson's first wife Tammy One on Parks and Recreation and she was even on one of Glazer and Jacobson's favorite shows, Frasier. (Abbi's unseen roommate Melody is a nod to the also-unseen Maris Crane — Niles' first wife — from Frasier.) And Clarkson actually outdid Ilana and Abbi in craziness in her Broad City three-minute spot.

Although Ilana is usually down for anything, Clarkson's dinner-partying hosting, drunk psychiatrist was too much for her and Abbi. (Even the offer of free wine couldn't sway them to hang out with Clarkson.) Earlier in the episode, Abbi had tried to take Ilana on a classy dinner date for her 23rd birthday (Glazer is 27 years old in real life). But after some Broad City shenanigans (wigs were purchased, a walking tree man was about), Clarkson's son — Timothy (an entitled 34-year-old who doubled as a pretend runaway teen) — stole Abbi's birthday gift for Ilana.

But Clarkson wasn't the only guest star to shake up Ilana's big day. Aidy Bryant, Conner O'Malley, Jiggly Caliente, and Leo Fitzpatrick also appeared in "St. Mark's."

And that's not even mentioning the guest stars from the March 11 episode "Coat Check" with Alia Shawkat as Abbi's lover/doppelgänger and the spectacular Kelly Ripa as herself. Well, kind of herself. For the sake of her husband Mark Consuelos and their kids, I'm gonna go with what Ripa said on her own show, LIVE with Kelly and Michael, and say it was her "alter-ego's alter-ego."

(And can I please give a shout-out to Ripa's glorious outfit at the fundraiser where she lost her coat in the first place? Her and her toned arms looked fab.)

The epicness of all of these Season 2 guest stars will have to get us Broad City fans through until Season 3 premieres. (Or you could always use Abbi and Ilana's favorite way of dealing with problems ... ) And hey, if Jacobson has her way, we may get a Frances McDormand appearance in Season 3.

Make it happen, Abbi and Ilana. Make it happen.

Images: Jason Rothenberg/Comedy Central; comedycentral, sweet--deans (2), imwithkanye/Tumblr