Which 'SATC' Roles Almost Went To Other Actresses?

More than a decade has gone by since Sex and the City ruled the airwaves and gave us the worst case of closet envy known to womankind, but fans of the show never cease to come up with new and intriguing questions related to the show. For example, did Sarah Jessica Parker actually enjoy playing Carrie Bradshaw? And here's an even better one that was prompted by the recent 10-year anniversary of the series finale: Why am I still obsessing over SATC? Now that's a question that prompts even more questions, but the bottom line is that Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes were all freakin' awesome characters in their own unique ways and the actresses who portrayed them did it like no one else could have. However, that almost wasn't the case — in fact, a few Sex and the City roles almost went to actresses not named Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon.

I can't imagine anyone other than SJP twirling around the big city in dainty designer outfits, proudly rocking an old cell phone held together by tape, sipping Cosmopolitans all while making up and breaking up with Big and maintaining a tight-knit group of equally glamorous girlfriends. But the reality is, Parker almost lost the role to someone else. I imagine this would probably elicit a high-pitched Carrie squeal, but out of curiosity, let's take a look at some other major SATC roles that nearly went to other actresses:

Dana Delany As Carrie Bradshaw

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Apparently, the former Desperate Housewives actress proved she wasn't so desperate to take part in SATC when she declined the role of Carrie due to the show's sexual content. In the meantime, she encouraged Kim Cattrall to accept the role of Samantha.

Kristin Davis As Carrie Bradshaw

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So obviously, Davis was an integral part of SATC, but it's still really difficult to believe that Davis auditioned for the role of Carrie. I'm almost 100 percent certain that Charlotte wouldn't approve.

Sandra Bernhard As Miranda Hobbes

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Nixon's naturally blonde tresses nearly interfered with her landing the role of Miranda, but her spot in the SATC cast was solidified when Bernhard turned down the role and producer Darren Star gave Nixon the job.

And as great as these actresses may have been in their respective potential roles, I'm so glad we got the set of ladies we did. It wouldn't be SATC without Parker, Davis, Nixon, and Cattrall.