Blake Lively is Returning to Acting, Because Someone Has to Bring Home the Bacon

It must've been a tough few months in the Reynolds-Lively household. After Gossip Girl ended, Blake Lively stopped acting to work on an online lifestyle company and spend time with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who starred in R.I.P.D. and Turbo, two of the summer's biggest flops. But, hey, what do you expect from a couple who fell in love on the set of The Green Lantern? Now, however, Lively is ready to turn her career around (someone's got to bring home the bacon, right?), and has decided to return to acting with the upcoming film The Age of Adaline.

The film has gone through some changes on its way to production, which is set to start in March, and at one point Katherine Heigl was set to star in the title role, Deadline reports. The premise does sound interesting, with Lively playing Adaline, a woman who stops aging at 29 after an accident, travels the world for decades, and, eventually falls for a guy. Lively and Heigl's names may not hold much weight, but Oscar-winning costar Ellen Burstyn's does, so maybe there is hope for Lively's career after all.

It's a smart move for the actress to have a backup plan to the her lifestyle site, especially since Gwyneth Paltrow has already cornered the celebrity lifestyle market. (Lively once described her lifestyle brand saying, "The main element of it is that it's about storytelling and it's about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life, and how to achieve that.")

Let's hope that The Age of Adaline is a giant hit. There are enough blonde celeb-lead lifestyle sites out there, and the only one I'll ever listen to is Lauren Conrad's Pinterest page. Thanks for the strawberry cupcakes girl — they were delicious.