Did Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Go Full On Bob?

by Jessica Willingham

It appears we may have come up a little short.

When British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cut her hair short, we interpreted her cut as a definitive lob. Stylists George Northwood's Instagram image of Rosie's new 'do made it look like she opted for a shoulder-dusting length crop to her locks. Boy, were we wrong.

By the black magic of photoshoot styling or because of an entirely new cut, Rosie's hair is now at an earlobe-length chop according to her new ad for CR Fashion Book. Rosie Instagrammed a peek of the new campaign, looking even hotter and with much less hair than the last time we saw her. This new 'do is fueling our anticipation for a full-on pixie cut. The lob was 2014's go-to hairstyle style, rivaling Jennifer Aniston's flat iron from her Friends days.

Unfortunately, Rosie is usually a safe-bet style wise. I would love to see her take the plunge and own short hair. So many women are attached to the idea that mermaid-length, down-to-our-boobies hair is what is most feminine and attractive. Rosie, prove us all wrong with a killer pixie, please! The last celeb to commit to barely-there hair was Beyonce (when she rocked the now famous wet hair look).

If you're ready to rock a pixie cut, but don't know if it's for you, allow us to tell you why it is. But I believe if you really want something, you should really go for it. Pixies, dreadlocks, Hilary Duff-esque blue hair, whatever. You do you, boo.