6 Times One Direction’s Liam Panye & Sophia Smith Were The Absolute Cutest Couple — PHOTOS

It's been a rough week to be a girlfriend of a One Direction member — and I'm saying that as someone who would give my right arm to be a girlfriend of a One Direction member. First, Zayn Malik had to storm Twitter to defend himself against some nasty rumors that he was cheating on fiancee Perrie Edwards And as if that wasn't bad enough, Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, split after datingforeverand basically being the reason any of us believe in love. The good news? After all that drama, there's finally some sunshine, and it comes in the form of Liam Payne being the cutest boyfriend ever. Payne posted the most adorable tweet about missing his girlfriend, Sophia Smith, and it's beginning to restore my faith in love all over again.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, Payne shared a gorgeous black and white photo of Smith in a vintage-style one-piece swimsuit, sitting on the edge of a railing by an infinity pool, looking exactly like an ultra glam old Hollywood star. Add the pretty photo to Payne's caption — "I really miss you" — and it's not surprising that almost 100,000 fans retweeted the post. Is this guy a sweetheart or what?

Payne and Smith being cute isn't a new thing, either. Over the entire course of their relationship, they've been so adorable that it's hard to even be upset that Payne is dating Smith instead of all of us.

When He Was The Expert At Cute Captions

Seriously, Payne? You're killing me.

The Way He Looks At Her

Payne looks at Smith the way I look at pizza. Is this a beautiful relationship or what?

The Most Adorable Kiss Ever

I agree with the fan who tweeted this photo. #RelationshipGoals for sure.

When They Were Cute, Despite A Photobomber

Although it does add to the cute factor of this photo that Niall Horan happens to be the photobomber in question.

This Ridiculously Precious Tweet

Just in case you thought they'd already hit their cute limit, they totally didn't. If you want to pretend Payne wrote this tweet about you, I totally won't blame you.

When They Won Halloween

Payne as the joker and Smith as an incredibly convincing Maleficent. Please let them marry and have kids with coordinating costumes like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's family.