Charles Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Right? She Knew Big A's Big Secret, After All...

Now that we for sure know that Charles is Big A on Pretty Little Liars , it's opening up a whole slew of other questions. Sure, we know Charles is Jason's twin, but is he identical or is this a fraternal twin situation? (That could open it up to any tall, handsome fellow with chiseled features in town. Watch out, Rosewood.) This also helps clear up the night Ali fake-died and proves that Mrs. DiLaurentis' own son Charles killed her. Sure, we don't have visual confirmation, but come on. We can use those well-worked brain muscles in our heads.

Think about it: In the flashback when Ali "died" (i.e. was hit on the head with a rock), we see Mrs. DiLaurentis watching it all go down through the window. She straight up saw who she thought killed her daughter and never told the police a word: Clearly she cares about that person. Some folks thought that meant that Jason "killed" Ali, but now that we know he has a twin and that that twin is A, I think we can do the math.

Of course, not long after we learn the truth about what Mrs. DiLaurentis knows, she's pushing up daisies (or at least well on her way there). For a while we could have piled "who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis" on the bonfire of unanswerable questions, but with the Big A Reveal it's all but sealed in stone now: A did it.

It also proves just how cruel A really is. He is out for blood (for what reason, we're still not sure), but he's so determined to exact his mission that he'll even kill his own mother to keep her from letting his secret out. The problem is that there is this thing called medical records. Someone's got to be able to figure out how to prove that Jason has a twin. You know, once the liars get out of their dollhouse prison in the middle of god knows where.

Image: screengrab/ABC Family