This Proposal Will Make 'Bachelor' Fans Jealous

by Eliza Castile

Betrothals on The Bachelor don't tend to last long, but that didn't stop a man from proposing to his girlfriend through Chris Harrison's Instagram account. Considering that the average lifespan of a couple post-Bachelor seems to be measured in terms of months rather than years, this dude must have either been incredibly confident or just really optimistic. Either way, though, it worked out, because as Harrison would say, she said... YES. Are all you Bachelor fans jealous yet?Bachelor host Harrison posted the photo of a man, referred to as Scotty in the caption accompanying the picture, to his official Instagram account on Tuesday, Jezebel's I Thee Dread blog reports. He's holding a sign reading, "Will you marry me?" surrounded by an appropriate backdrop of tropical-looking foliage. (What is it about palm trees that seems so romantic?) Along with posting the picture, Harrison wrote, "Pardon me Megan... could you please answer this very important for my man Scotty," and wished the couple well. Side note: I've never met the guy, but Harrison seems like such a classy person, and he's clearly a good sport. Let's add that to the list of reasons he should totally be the next Bachelor.But enough about bachelors. Let's take a look at our mystery man.

Both Scotty and Megan's Instagrams are private, so everyone had to wait on pins and needles for a full two hours before Harrison tweeted the results of the proposal.

The recently-engaged Scotty also proposed in person, judging from an Instagram photo Harrison posted a few hours later.


<img alt="" src="" class="article-body-image"/>Clearly, either one or both of them are super into The Bachelor. My money is on both, because this is a lot of trouble to go through for mere recreational watchers. This is the kind of next-level romantic stuff that only comes from repeated viewings of rose ceremonies. Although not much is known about the couple at the moment, I'm sure they'll make the rounds on daytime talk shows as word gets around. In the meantime, congratulations to Scotty and Megan!In other, totally unrelated news, is anyone else feeling incredibly single right now?

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