Adanna Duru Is Sent Home On 'American Idol' But She's Definitely More Talented Than Some Who Stayed

The Top 11 became the Top 9 tonight on American Idol , and it was pretty anti-climatic due to the fact that the one and only judges' save was used last week to keep Qaasim Middleton. Maddie Walker and Adanna Duru were sent home without being able to sing one last time or a tearful goodbye. What happened to the days when Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" played as a montage of the eliminated contestant looped in the background? The girls were sent home without fanfare. It was definitely Walker's time to go, but Duru deserved a little more time on this show.

Duru earned a reputation on Idol for her powerhouse vocals and fashionable outfits. The judges clearly believed in her, as they awarded her the Wildcard save into the Top 12 over other talented artists. Duru was really the only remaining powerful female voice left in the competition. She always radiated confidence and really owned the stage, so why was she sent home? That can be blamed on the American Idol voters.

It's hard to determine if the voters are seeking talent or looks this season. There's plenty of talent in the game, but it's a different type of talent than we've seen in past seasons. Most of the contestants left have distinct quirks about them. They exude originality and fall into the "other" genre. Duru was definitely a pop singer/R&B singer, which is why she went home. Despite her talent, she's not what the voters are looking for this season. Sure, she wouldn't have won anyway, but Duru is far more talented than some of the remaining singers and deserved a chance over them. She has come so far in this competition and had much more room to grow.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX