It's Time To Start Worrying About 'TVD's Steroline

Speaking as someone who has been a dedicated Klaroline 'shipper for as long as I can remember, I'm all-too familiar with the soul-crushing disappointment that comes when Julie Plec decides to drive a wrench in your favorite TVD couple. (For example, moving one of the characters onto another show is a definite step in the wrong direction.) But they aren't the only 'ship that faces the possibility of being sunk. Now that Stefan and Caroline have both flipped off their humanity switch, their entire relationship could be in serious jeopardy. In fact, I'd say it has the power to potentially ruin Steroline for good.

Well, call me crazy, but when you take little things like say emotions and feelings out of the equation, it tends to have a significant impact on a couple's romance — or rather lack thereof. Because that's the thing. As hot and steamy as their emotion-less hook up was (and believe me, I've re-watched that scene more than a few times), it still lacked the most important thing that makes Steroline so great: their strong, loving bond for each other. I mean, think back to their very first kiss. It wasn't full of passion in a lusty kind of way, but rather in a deep-rooted connection that comes from a longstanding friendship that developed into something more.

I mean, come on. It doesn't get much sweeter than that. But now that they're giving into their inhibitions (bloodlust-driven or otherwise), that could completely alter their perception of each other when their humanity gets flipped back on, which we all know is bound to happen eventually. They'll associate their time together with the guilt of every evil thing they did throughout that time. The way I see it, it'd be similar to drunkenly sleeping with your longtime crush. Yes, you definitely wanted it to happen, but a part of you can't help but wish you'd both been in a different frame of mind at the time, especially if you hoped for it to go beyond a simple one night stand.

Steroline fans have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. I very much doubt they want these two characters to eventually view their sexy hookup as not only a one time thing, but a huge mistake. It'd be a disservice to their relationship in general. I know I personally would've been very disappointed if Klaus and Caroline's hook up had happened with their humanity switches turned off. Granted, I'll take any Klaroline hookup I can get these days, but just knowing that those feelings were there (please note the key word there is feelings) underneath all that passion made the scene all the more epic.

Stefan and Caroline's relationship deserves the same courtesy. So as much as I'm all for a hot and heavy tryst between two very attractive vampires, I just hope Steroline 'shippers are erring on the side of caution with all this. Because as suddenly as this match-up started, it could just as easily go up in flames. You've been warned.

In the meantime, though, I'm just going to leave this here…

You're welcome.

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