Zayn Malik Left One Direction, But Hey, Remember — We Still Have Harry Styles — PHOTOS

Fans all over the world are still in mourning following Wednesday's shocking announcement that Zayn Malik left One Direction. Though I'll certainly miss the 22-year-old singer's heavenly ad-libs at the end of nearly every 1D song, according to People, Malik told The Sun on Friday that he just "wasn't happy" being a part of the band anymore. It was time for him to move on, to fly free like a bird... a bird with really ridiculously long eyelashes. If you ask me, Directioners need to start the process of picking themselves up off the floor — life will go on! One Direction isn't doomed to fail or fall apart now that Malik is gone, no. Everything's gonna be alright: we still have Harry Styles!

I'm just going to come right out and say it: Harry Styles is the best — way better than Tom Hiddleston, and way better than Benedict Cumberbatch (and no, I won't apologize). Not only is Styles a major dreamboat, he's also a humanitarian, a kind, sensitive soul, and a super freakin' talented performer. There's no reason to shed another single tear over Malik's departure — Styles is here to ease your pain.

Here are just a few of the times Harry Styles proved he's the most perfect human being in the whole entire world:

When He Melted Your Heart With His Smile


When He Was A Lil' Rascal

What a little scamp.

When He Danced Like No One Was Watching

Look out for Styles in the next Step Up movie! (Juuust kidding. I mean, he was asked, but he's just way too busy.)

When He Looked Into Your Soul

Breathtaking, tbh.

When He Said This


When He Introduced Himself & It Was The Best Thing You've Ever Seen For Some Reason

Why can I not stop watching this?

When He Made This Face

I like to think he was doing his best Mrs. Doubtfire impression.

When He Did This

He's an angel.

And When He Effortlessly Put Liam Payne In His Place

ODE on YouTube

What a guy. One Direction's future looks bright.

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