What Will Trevor Noah Bring to 'The Daily Show'? 4 Things We Need To See From The Brand New Host

Waiting for the announcement the new host of The Daily Show has been more hotly anticipated than the announcing of a new pope. Well now, the smoke is pumping, and out of it appears South African comedian Trevor Noah. An intriguing pick, because it further breaks up the reign of middle-aged white men on the staff, and because none out of none people would have seen this one coming.

If you've been following this story (i.e. you are a human being on this planet who enjoys laughing), then you know that finding the successor of Jon Stewart has been no easy task. Early speculation (particularly via that Hot Tub Time Machine sequel) that Jessica Williams could inherit the desk, before she crushed our dreams and declared to be too young and under-qualified right now. Which is our bad, forgetting that Williams is 25-years-old and possesses premature success we're unfamiliar with. (As I write this, I am pantsless, and living in my parents' house in New Jersey).

At 31, Noah is older than Williams, but still younger than silver fox Stewart. Plus, his presence will continue to encourage a push for diversity, as we've seen when Larry Whitmore moved on to The Colbert Report's follow-up, The Nightly Show. The times, they are a-changin'. So with that in mind, here's a few things we'd like to see Noah bring to the table to this next generation of The Daily Show.

Global insights and perspectives relating to his own background as a young man of color


Noah's introduction to The Daily Show came with a clever skit called "Spot the Africa," in which he educated Stewart on popular African misconceptions (and also reinforced that Detroit is scarier than most third world countries, but that's besides the point). Though, being a tristate girl, I loved Stewart's New York/New Jersey jokes, I can definitely see Noah expanding the humor to a global perspective. Not only is he biracial and from an entirely different country, but he can speak eight different languages. This is a worldly man, you guys.

A new segment that would make us fall in love with him


Specifically, I don't know what that would be. "Spot The Africa" would probably wear thin if we did it every week, but this component is KEY to establishing a host. Whether it's like Colbert's running joke of pulling things out of his desk, or the rants Daily Show alum John Oliver delivers on Last Week Tonight (and its YouTube component), you need to have a THING. So I'm eager to see what will become Noah's Thing, because it's the Thing that makes the show worth watching.

The feeling that we're having peer-to-peer conversations rather than a talk with your dad's hot, witty friend


As previously mentioned, Noah is considerably younger than most of The Daily Show family, and that's decidedly refreshing. Maybe this will mean the injection of more social media in the The Daily Show vein. Stewart didn't even have a Twitter account, you guys. WAY TO KEEP ON THE PULSE OF WHAT'S HAPPENING.

Newfound cuteness that makes us feel like we can once again be attracted to a Comedy Central host, because he doesn't remind you of your dad's hot, witty friend


Maybe this is a me-specific thing, because I have big crushes on Stewart and Colbert and... let's be honest, pretty much everyone involved with The Daily Show. And if we're getting even more real, Noah is cute as hell, and within my immediate age range. So maybe it's selfish, but I'm totally ready to give the young, funny, attractive, globally-informed guy a chance. Bring it on.

Images: Giphy (4); Byron Keulemans/Comedy Central