'Pretty Little Liars' Spencer, Mona, & Andrew Are Connected In Season 6 Per Marlene King's "Brainiacs" Clue, But Why?

We're all in this together, Pretty Little Liars fans. What was teased as the Big A reveal certainly revealed a lot to us, but then it gave us a million questions in return. And we need at least half of them answered ASAP. One of the big things to come out of the finale is that Mona is very much still alive. Also, Andrew is still creepy as hell for reasons still unknown. Also also, Spencer was the only one who actually who was really clued into the whole greater Charles/A scheme with the home video. On top of these things, there's an even bigger thing we need to talk about: Executive Producer I. Marlene King recently teased in an interview that Mona, Andrew, and Spencer are important in Season 6 and beyond. But just how are these "brainiacs" connected and what does this all mean?

The clue came about through a post-episode interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where King was asked about the sudden surprise not-dead return of Mona return. "Mona is dealing with someone as smart, if not smarter, than her." King explained. Well, duh. Clearly. Moan was Original A, but now there's someone bigger, badder, and smarter at the A helm, and everyone needs to be on their toes about it. That wasn't all King mentioned, though. She also mentioned that we need to "keep in mind that there are three brainiacs in Rosewood: Spencer, Mona and Andrew Campbell, and that's a very important thing to keep in mind." Oh, don't worry. Now that's on the forefront of our minds, King. But why are these three important?In another interview with TVLine, executive producer Oliver Goldstick brings up this trio again, explaining that they've "made a really interesting, surprising trinity. They’re all bright and resourceful; I can’t think of a better way to describe this A than 'resourceful.'"

We know that Mona is not Uber A, and we know that Spencer is Not Charles, and we haven't really figured out what the heck Andrew is up to right now. Many speculate that he's actually this masked Charles/related to the DiLaurentis family, while some corners of the internet suggest that he's actually hanging around to protect the Liars. All good theories, but probably not the theory we're looking for. Maybe? I don't know? What are we a week out from this Big A reveal, and I'm still having night terrors from it. I've spent the last week of my life trying to process everything and I'm still not even halfway there.

We might be jumping to conclusions with this Andrew Thing, and he might not actually be from the dark side. If my PLL gut tells me anything — and mind you, it has been wrong before — these three brainiacs team up. A's "resourceful" so it's going to take a super-group of Liars to bring him down once and for all. This Uber A can't be defeated by one person, and Charles has already defeated Mona. She can't go up against him alone again. Even with Spencer's help, he still might be too much for them. But now with the powers of three combined? They might have a chance at actually taking him down.

Season 5 ended with two thirds of the brainiacs locked up in A's twisted dollhouse, and Andrew could play a big part in getting them out. Mona's knows the layout of the compound, Spencer's got the lightning fast MacGyver skills, and Andrew's got the upper hand because he's not, well, trapped in a dollhouse. Hey, Andrew tapped into the Hastings' phone. He could probably tap into whatever communication channel A is using, right?

Season 6 will jump into the future a little bit, but also give us flashbacks showing what it was like for the Liars trapped in the dollhouse. If these three are as important as King implies, they're going to play a huge part in the great escape from A's clutches. Even if Andrew is still 100 perfect creepy throughout all of it. Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; prettylittleliars/tumblr (2); Giphy