James Franco Is An Alleged Serial Killer In 8 'True Story' Exclusive Stills Featuring Jonah Hill — PHOTOS

James Franco and Jonah Hill starred together in the doomsday comedy This is the End, running around Los Angeles fighting aliens, snorting cocaine, and indulging in general debauchery while the world burned down around them. But now, the comedic duo who are known for making audiences keel over with laughter, are teaming up for darker fare. True Story is the — you guessed it — true story of journalist Michael Finkel, and FBI Most Wanted man Christian Longo.

In 2002, after Finkel (Hill) had been let go from The New York Times for forging details of a cover story, he received a phone call saying that alleged serial killer Longo (Franco) had assumed his identity. Wait, what? Fueled by curiosity and perhaps a pinch of narcissism, Finkel visits Longo in prison where is awaiting trail. There, an eerie, brotherly bond begins. Finkel exchanges journalism tips for the real events behind Longo's alleged acts of murdering his family. But is an alleged serial killer, who may have murdered his family in cold blood, to be trusted? It's Finkel's tale to unravel.

Premiering at Sundance Film Festival to a packed house, True Story hits theaters April 17. See eight exclusive stills from the film below.

Images: FOX