These 'SATC' Outfits Still Rock, 20+ Years Later

Part of the joy in watching old television reruns stems from gaping at the nonsensical trends worn in past decades, to which many avid viewers can unfortunately relate. Though a number of ensembles that graced the small screen during the show's first season were admittedly a '90s time capsule, there are plenty of Sex And The City outfits that still hold up today. It's easy to chuckle at the cringeworthy skirt suits of Ally McBeal or the bootcut pleather pants featured on Buffy The Vampire Slayer because those trends remain thankfully in storage, where they belong. However, certain particularly prescient costume designers had the sartorial acuity to construct ensembles that would stand the test of time, and one such virtuoso was Sex and the City 's Patricia Field.

In watching reruns on SATC, it came to me that Carrie and Charlotte's wardrobes in particular remain especially replicable over 20 years later, as Carrie's bohemian tilt is very of-the-moment for 2015 and Charlotte's prim picks will likely be paragons of sartorial classicism for years to come. Meanwhile, Miranda's slim slip dresses and Samantha's authoritative power suits have seen a resurgence in popularity time and again. If you never quite fell out of enchantment with the clothing of sex and the city, read on for 20 looks that are as on-point now as they were during Sex and the City's six-season run.

1. Charlotte's LGD (Little Grey Dress)

Though Charlotte's wardrobe is known for its preppy, color-spiked ensembles, her neutral staples are utterly timeless. Case in point, this tailored grey sheath dress could easily be mistaken for a Spring 2015 collection piece from Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors.

2. Carrie's Crisp Shirtdress

Shirtdresses, especially those rendered in crisp white cotton and accented with a vintage belt, are incredibly on-trend for 2015.

3. Carrie's Beige Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is ever-flattering and ever in vogue, as demonstrated by Carrie's nude, flutter-sleeved take on the wardrobe staple.

4. Charlotte's Little Black Dress And Trench

The moment a little black dress and cream trench are no longer considered a sophisticated pairing will be a traumatic day for fashion aficionados everywhere. But for now, the look remains perfectly on-point.

5. Carrie's Pop Of Color Coat

How was Patricia Field to know that the colored coat trend would overtake the fashion industry in 2015? The costume designer certainly knew what she was doing.

6. Charlotte's Illusion Neckline Frock

Illusion paneling may be more common for red carpet attire and wedding gowns, but as Charlotte demonstrates, the detail provides a demure sophistication to any ensemble.

7. Carrie's Mixed Media Ensemble

Pattern mixing is having a moment in the limelight this season, and what better example to follow than Carrie's stripes-and-florals amalgamation?

8. Carrie's Denim Overalls And Hunter Boots

Over a decade after the episode aired, Carrie's mud-splattered Hunter boots and denim overalls are once again sartorial necessities — though perhaps without the extraneous dirt.

9. Carrie's Cream Wrap Sweater And Little Black Dress

You can never run astray with a cream-and-black ensemble, especially when said ensemble consists of a waist-whittling wrap sweater and a little black dress.

10. Samantha's Sultry Tuxedo

The red carpet has lately been overrun with what has been deemed the "Tuxedo Trend," but the style's history traces back much further than 2014. The ever-alluring Samantha adopted the trend midway through Sex And The City's run, favoring tailored tuxedos in neutral shades and bold pops of color.

11. Carrie's Oscar de la Renta Fit-And-Flare

As Sarah Jessica Parker can attest, an Oscar de la Renta frock is an eternally au courant piece.

12. Carrie's Fringed Frock

Though Carrie's fringed shift appeared in the sixth season of Sex and the City (known to non-fans as the year 2004), fringe is back and better than ever for 2015.

13. Carrie's Tulle Skirt And Tuxedo Jacket

You would need to take a week-long sabbatical from work in order to count the number of fashion bloggers who have channeled Carrie's signature tulle tutu and tuxedo jacket ensemble, but the look remains just as alluring years after its debut on SATC.

14. Carrie's Denim Jacket And Maxi Skirt

2015's denim fixation is only beginning, making Carrie's jacket and cotton maxi skirt combination extraordinarily far ahead of its time.

15. Carrie's Little Red Dress

A little crimson dress cut on the bias will remain an incredibly flattering look for any body type until wearable technology finally merges with clothing, so thank Carrie Bradshaw for the sartorial tip.

16. Carrie's Floral Flared Frock

Though Carrie's psyche is somewhat flawed after her breakup with Mr. Big, her style remains unscathed, giving audiences this timeless floral look which appears just as fresh today as it did over a decade ago.

17. Carrie's Crop Top And Flared Skirt

If I didn't know better, I would wager a guess that Carrie's crop top and flared multicolored skirt stepped straight off the Spring 2015 runway.

18. Miranda's Crimson Slip Dress

A slip dress may have been one of the hallmarks of '90s style, but the look is just as effortlessly enchanting today.

19. Carrie's Neutral Ensemble

With her cream, ribbon-trimmed fedora and white eyelet ensemble, Carrie may as well be one of 2015's top fashion bloggers posing in Spring's most covetable Chloe wares.

20. Carrie's Denim Dress

Denim is one of those forever fabrics that is beyond reproach, and Carrie's carefree frock is exhibit A in proving the material's versatility.

Images: HBO