11 Headbands For Spring — Because Who Says Blair Waldorf Is The Only One Who Can Rock A Tiara Or Bow?

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Like most girls when they were children, my first experience with headbands was in elementary school. It was second grade picture day and I had on my favorite Winnie the Pooh t-shirt. But being the tomboy that I was at the time (which I totally grew out of), I completely disregarded my messy, frizzy hair. Thankfully, right before I left to catch the bus, I grabbed a baby blue inch-and-a-half thick headband that kept my bangs in their place and my frizz under control.

The photo turned out, well, okay. The headband, instead of taming my hair, ironically just plastered it to my head so my full, red cheeks looked even more prominent than they actually were. Since then, my style has evolved. And, fortunately, so have headbands. No longer are there super wide and thick baby blue headbands for me to embarrass myself by wearing. Thankfully, headbands today come in all colors, shapes, and varieties with a style for everyone.

While my seven-year-old self stands by her decision to wear a horrid headband in her yearbook photo that still haunts her today, if I could go back in time and retake my spring yearbook photo, I would wear a much more unique and artistic head piece. Maybe a veiled, embellished something? Or a bohemian wrap? I’d even venture to say a tiara-inspired headband would work.

Headbands aren’t the preppy, thick, and plaid covered versions that were popular in the '90s anymore. They’re gorgeous, breathtaking pieces that will revolutionize the way you view accessories. Plus, they’re guaranteed to add some extra quirkiness and personality to your spring wardrobe.

So, here are 11 creative, innovative, and gorgeous headbands that you’ll be dreaming about wearing.

And don’t worry. Obviously each and every one of them would be Blair Waldorf approved.

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