11 Headbands For Spring — Because Who Says Blair Waldorf Is The Only One Who Can Rock A Tiara Or Bow?

Like most girls when they were children, my first experience with headbands was in elementary school. It was second grade picture day and I had on my favorite Winnie the Pooh t-shirt. But being the tomboy that I was at the time (which I totally grew out of), I completely disregarded my messy, frizzy hair. Thankfully, right before I left to catch the bus, I grabbed a baby blue inch-and-a-half thick headband that kept my bangs in their place and my frizz under control.

The photo turned out, well, okay. The headband, instead of taming my hair, ironically just plastered it to my head so my full, red cheeks looked even more prominent than they actually were. Since then, my style has evolved. And, fortunately, so have headbands. No longer are there super wide and thick baby blue headbands for me to embarrass myself by wearing. Thankfully, headbands today come in all colors, shapes, and varieties with a style for everyone.

While my seven-year-old self stands by her decision to wear a horrid headband in her yearbook photo that still haunts her today, if I could go back in time and retake my spring yearbook photo, I would wear a much more unique and artistic head piece. Maybe a veiled, embellished something? Or a bohemian wrap? I’d even venture to say a tiara-inspired headband would work.

Headbands aren’t the preppy, thick, and plaid covered versions that were popular in the '90s anymore. They’re gorgeous, breathtaking pieces that will revolutionize the way you view accessories. Plus, they’re guaranteed to add some extra quirkiness and personality to your spring wardrobe.

So, here are 11 creative, innovative, and gorgeous headbands that you’ll be dreaming about wearing.

And don’t worry. Obviously each and every one of them would be Blair Waldorf approved.

by Melodi Erdogan

Bohemian Head Wrap

Soul Flower Organic Printed Headband, $24, Free People

If you have long hair, you know how tedious it can be when all it seems to do is get in the way. Sometimes tying up your hair and pushing it back is the only option, and this headband can help you achieve that in a fashionable way. This boho printed turban is both functional and unique, and no matter how you set your hair, it will make those locks look pretty and effortless.

Thick Fabric Headband

Kythira Turban, $32, A nthropologie

While headbands are typically more formal than head wraps, this version definitely gives any fancy headband a run for its money. This embellished and beaded head wrap is clean and polished yet still very versatile among the style board. Whether you’re wearing it with jeans or a basic white button-down, this wrap adds just enough dazzle into an everyday outfit.

Skinny Bow Headband

Skinny Mini Metal Headband, $48, Kate Spade

Available in both silver and gold, this headband makes a statement without being too loud about it. The small bow is placed on a perfect angle to flatter your face shape, as well as keep your hair out of your eyes. Blair Waldorf would surely approve of this pretty, dainty headband that’s guaranteed to be the perfect accessory for any cute, classic wardrobe.

Gold Flower Encrusted Headband

Eugenia Kim Wildrose Headband, $215, Shop Bop

Nothing says spring more than a gold leaf and flower headband. I imagine wearing this headband would require skipping through green fields and picking berries to eat under the shade of a big willow tree. But who needs fields of green? This headband would look just as gorgeous in an urban environment with a tailored pant suit.

Gold Leaf Headband

Athena Headband, $20, Urban Outfitters

This gold leaf headband essentially turns whoever is wearing it into a Greek Goddess, so be prepared to have people bow down to you. Tucked underneath messy waves or even paired with a braided bun, this beautiful headband is both gorgeous and perfectly complimentary of a more formal outfit. So break out your favorite long, flowy white gown and wear it with this headband. At that point, people might as well just call you Athena.

Triangle Head Piece

Triangle Pendant Head Piece, $4, F orever 21

While it’s easy to be confused on how to place this head piece on your head (what chain goes where?), once it’s actually on there, it gives a breathtaking event. Similar to the gold leaf headband, this head piece gives of a Greek, Mediterranean vibe that’s sure to make you breathtaking in everything from a bikini to a formal gown.

Tiara-Inspired Headband

Berry Jeweled Crown Head Wrap, $28, Nordstrom

People might question your sanity if you walk around with a tiara on your head. But an embellished, tiara-inspired headband is just as pretty and chic as anything Queen Elizabeth put on her head. Well, okay, that might be taking it a little too far. But this vintage-looking diamond encrusted headband looks just as pretty as some of those tiaras the British wear, and it costs a lot less. This headband would be cute in a casual and formal sense, with messy or tailored hair. So who needs an English wedding as an excuse to wear a tiara? This tiara, ahem, I mean headband, would be perfect for any occasion.

Pearl Encrusted Headband

Velvet And Pearls Headband, $5, Charming Charlie

Pearls are coming back, and in a big way. No longer are they your grandma’s favorite pearl necklace, but they’re on updated and on-trend earrings, charms, and even headbands. This pearl embellished headband is chic and infuses just enough embellishment to not be too overwhelming. Plus, it’s on a basic, black velvet base so it would look great on people with a variety of hair colors.

Winged Headband

ASOS Open Crown Wings Headband, $9, Asos

No, they didn’t make this headband wrong. This headband is meant to be worn backwards, so that the wing detailing is right by your temples. Imagine it paired with wavy hair, a maxi skirt, and a crop top. Not only is that the perfect affordable festival outfit, but it can also be slightly adjusted for dates, parties, or even weddings. Say hello to your new set of wings.

Veiled Headband

Johnny Loves Rosie Headband With Veil, $9, Asos

This veiled headband is all kinds of pretty. Not only is it simply just a gorgeous headband by itself (check out those sparkly diamonds), but the veil adds a sexy, mysterious vibe as well. While it’s definitely different, and probably best suited for a formal event, it is for sure giving off a Bond girl vibe. Keep an eye out for 007. He might steal your heart and your favorite headband.

The Obligatory Flower Crown

Just Peachy Flower Head Piece, $28, Nasty Gal

Last but not least, a spring headband round-up would not be complete without a flower crown. This version has all the classic elements of a flower crown — flowers on a band you can put around your head — and it’s also in a neutral peachy tone that’s versatile for lots of different occasions. Feel free to rock this flower crown at Coachella, or even to your graduation. Wherever you wear it, just know Lana Del Rey would be proud.