Lisa Vanderpump Still Can't Forgive Brandi Glanville On 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Reunion & We Don't Blame Her

Oh, it's almost too ugly to watch. I say "almost," because I'm obviously still going to watch any feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville, especially when it's during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion. Surprise, surprise. Queen Lisa V. still hasn't forgiven Brandi for everything she's done to her during Season 4 and Season 4. Once you hear the absolutely disgusting things Brandi said at the reunion, you'll see why Lisa V. totally made the right call.

Apparently, Lisa V. and Brandi's relationship became way more strained than what was originally shown on TV during Season 5. Not only did Brandi tell Lisa V. that she heard rumors that she had slept with her trainer, rumors she heard from none other than Kyle Richards to boot, but Brandi also made a "joke" about Lisa V. sleeping with half of L.A. Brandi also revealed that she slept with that young Dutch thing, who happened to be friends with Lisa V.'s son Max, twice. She also accused Lisa V. of being jealous of her for that. Classic Brandi.

Obviously, Lisa V. was not having any of this and promptly labeled these rumors as preposterous. Kyle also said that Brandi once again twisted her words around. Things got so heated at this point between Brandi, Kyle, and Lisa V. that I could barely understand what anyone was saying, each trying to talk over the other. Ah, yes. The first incoherent moment of the reunion. I love it!

If you hadn't guessed it yet, the RHOBH Season 5 reunion is basically going to be the "let's all attack Brandi show," much like the ladies ganged up on Lisa V. during last season's reunion. However, if you come for Brandi, she will always come for you right back — and a million times harder.

Don't believe me? She throws a ton of profanities Kyle's way, going so far as calling her that "see you next Tuesday" one. Just hearing that word bleeped makes my stomach churn.

All of the ladies and host Andy Cohen were in shock that Brandi actually said that word out loud. Why? I don't really know. That's kind of Brandi's M.O. She is very talented at finding new and worse ways to offend.

Of course, the slap that was way more interesting than that NBC event series, was a major topic amid this reignited Brandi-Lisa V. feud. Brandi, who was still not over the fact that Lisa V. didn't call her to express concern over her father's illness, thought Lisa V. was milking the slap for all it's worth, using it as an excuse to continue to hate Brandi.

Oh, honey. Lisa V. doesn't need an excuse to hate you. You keep giving her enough ammunition to do so all on your own.

In the end, Brandi and Lisa V. actually come to a consensus! Oops. Sorry to get your hopes up, but they both agreed that they never want to be friends with each other again. But you probably already knew that.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr; Giphy