Beyonce's New Blue Ivy Instagram Is Adorable, But Is It Hinting At Something? — VIDEO

Perusing Beyoncé's Instagram can provide answers to pressing inquiries such as What fabulous pair of shoes is Beyoncé wearing? or Which off-the-beaten path locale are she and Jay Z visiting today? However, deciphering the messages behind some of Bey's enviable photos can prove more difficult than trying to find meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. For example, a few months ago, the world witnessed the mass Internet frenzy of confusion that ensued when Beyoncé sported a sand belly on vacation, leaving everyone wondering for the millionth time whether Blue Ivy 2.0 was on the way. And the now, this new Instagram post of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy flossing their teeth is bound to cause an equal amount of speculation.

Maybe she's just letting us in on an adorable moment between mother and daughter. Maybe she's prepping Blue for her own Instagram page. Or, perhaps, this is Bey's way of letting us know that she and her adorable 3-year-old really do wake up like this, meaning they start their days off the same way average folks do by flossing the teeth they want to keep.

But wait — that's actually way too literal and banal for a chick like Beyoncé, and something tells me that she and Blue aren't exactly trying to show off their cavity prevention methods.

So, what else could they be trying to tell us?

A New Beyoncé/Blue Collab Is In the Works

Blue Ivy has her mother's dance moves, but does she have her mother's pipes?

A Hint About Bey & Jay's Rumored Joint Album

Bey and Blue's video features Jay's voice in the background, so this isn't crazy — plus, isn't it about time for the Carters to follow up their On the Run tour?

Beyoncé is Delivering All the Shade

As in protective eyewear. This fabulous collection of sunglasses could come in multiple colors that coordinate with Beyonce's line of nail wraps. And yes Bey — there will definitely be power in them that will hopefully reveal exactly what you and Blue are trying to tell us with this Instagram post.

Check the post below:

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