'American Idol' Fans Send Home Daniel Seavey In The First Ever Fan Save — It's About Time

In yet another attempt to boost ratings, American Idol has introduced a new gimmick during the live shows — the fan save. This is exactly how it sounds: fans use Twitter to vote to save their favorite bottom two artist and the results are recorded and announced in real-time. So basically, they stole this from The Voice, except upped the stakes by announcing the winner the same night the vote happens. The first ever save was between soulful singer Rayvon Owen and fan favorite Daniel Seavey. The two contestants sang for their life in this game in hopes to win over the voters. There really was no competition, and Owen was crowned the winner — meaning the young Seavey was finally sent home.

As soon as I saw Owen was taking on Seavey in the save, I was a little worried. Yes, Owen is in a whole different league than Seavey, but the young hopeful has a very dedicated fan base. Despite weak performances and lack of experience, Seavey remained in the game week after week thanks to fans who couldn't get enough of his boyish charm. I imagined that the save would follow the same pattern of past weeks and the 15-year-old would beat out the extremely talented Owen. But thankfully, the fan girls of America finally listened to the performances and decided to ditch their loyalties to vote for the more deserving contestant. It only helped that Owen completely blew Seavey out of the water with his sweet and soulful take on Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone."

The save results have restored my faith in the Idol fan base and the show itself. Until now, it seems the fans have been voting with their hormones and not their brains. Talented performers have been sent home so more attractive (but less talented) contestants could stay. But now that we're in the Top 8 and the game is getting real, voters seem to have begun voting based on talent. With Seavey out of the game, there's no doubt that a super talented and Idol worthy contestant will win the title. The only question now is will they choose an original artist or an aspiring pop star to wear the crown?

Image: Michael Becker/FOX