Sadie Shoots Pete On 'Nashville' & We Still Don't Know If Her Abusive Ex Is Dead Or Alive

Just when it looked like things were starting to look up for her, Sadie shot her abusive ex-boyfriend Pete on Nashville, only for Luke Wheeler to immediately arrive on the scene. The last we had seen of Sadie, she had not only stood up to Pete, but gone public about his history of abuse on her guest spot on Good Morning America. It all seemed well and done when she spent the rest of the day with Luke, but after parting ways with him, it turned out Pete was waiting for her in the parking lot, where things quickly got physical. She drew her gun out to warn him to leave, but Pete tried to hurt her anyway, at which point the gun fired — intentionally or not, it still isn't clear — and Pete fell to the ground.

The biggest question right now, of course, is whether or not Pete will survive the gunshot wound. All we know is that Luke pulled up right after the altercation and told Sadie to get in his car, but we don't know exactly where Pete had been shot, or how bad his condition was. As awful as Pete it, it would be unfair for Sadie to have his death on her conscience, especially when she did everything in her power to protect herself from him and keep him away from her. Not only that, but no matter what happens to Pete, if the incident is made public, it will have a major impact on her budding career.

Towards the end of the episode it seemed like Sadie and Luke were progressing toward the possibility of a relationship, but that all seems to have dissolved in an instant now that they have this horrible situation on their hands. In the best case scenario after this, Pete survives, and then gets put away somewhere far from Sadie so he can't ever come after her again. Unfortunately for Sadie, things in her life never seem to work out that easily.

Image: Mark Levine/ABC