Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards' Cutest Pics, Because Even Though He Wants His Privacy, They're Still Sharing Their Love — PHOTOS

It's been a zany couple weeks for Zayn Malik, who shattered a lot of teen dreams when he announced that he would be abdicating his throne as the Resident Hottie of One Direction. Many people wrongly accused his fiancée, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, of being the reason that Malik went in a different direction, even going so far to get ugly and hurl insults and threats at her. Obviously that is NOT cool, Zayniacs. But Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' relationship looks stronger than ever, and on Thursday morning Malik posted a pretty tender photo on his Instagram of himself and Edwards on vacation at some undisclosed sunshiny tropical locale, looking more in love than ever.

It seems like even though Malik asked for privacy, he still wants to share his L-O-V-E with the world and quiet the haters who thought they split or that there was some cheating involved.

While Perrie and Malik try to be somewhat private when it comes to their relationship, they have been engaged for so long that we can't help but be invested and left wondering when they will have a televised-event special of their wedding with a One Direction reunion.

To hold us over until then, here are some cute snaps of Malik and Edwards, who seem like they are 4ever.

No Trouble In Paradise

Malik captioned this most recent picture of the two from Thursday, "oui." What a sap! Sunglasses game on point for both of them.

They Love Disneyland

Does your heart not melt at Malik's Mickey Mouse sweater?

Like, Really Love It

Their sheer happiness when meeting Mickey!!! I feel that.

Hey, Good Lookin'

Obviously they know they're hot, because they are.


OK, but the way Malik is holding her hand makes me believe in love.

It's A Family Affair

Here's Malik and Edwards with his sisters.

...And A Cute Baby

Cute Zayn, Cute Perrie, and this cute, cute, cute child.

I'm happy for you, Zayn! I hope you're well on your way to leading a normal 22-year-old life like you wanted, even if it means starting with a tropical vacation which isn't so normal... But you'll get there.