7 Dates Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Should Go On Whether They're Dating Or Not, Because They're Just That Cute

Whether they’re officially offish or just two really good looking, super affectionate pals, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris dating has captivated the world due to what an adorable pair they make. They’re so cute, in fact, that it may or may not be slightly devastating to see them stop all this hanging out together now that we’ve gotten a taste of this could-be, sorta, kinda, maybe relationship. Especially if Swift has found in Harris someone she’s willing to open up for, after speaking openly about taking a break from the dating scene. Besides, I selfishly want them to take over the world with amazing music collaborations. So, even if they are really just friends — and they totally could be — I’m cool with that, too as long as they still hang out.

Lately, Harris and Swift romance rumors have sparked, mainly from the two of them being seen at a few concerts together. I mean, it makes total sense, since both are so musically inclined, but obviously they have other interests they can share as well. I mean, Swift is pretty much a Renaissance woman herself, and it’d be pretty darn amazing if she and Harris could share in some of her, and some of his, extracurricular hobbies. So, in light of all of our excitement over this Harris and Swift union whether romantic or platonic, let’s muse about some potential dates (or hang outs!) the duo could possibly go on in the future.

Brunch at Swift's local cat cafe

Because where she goes, her cats follow. Or, maybe it's the other way around.

Speaking of cats, a simple night in with Meredith and Olivia, to win them over

Which, won't be easy...

A dance party with "The Girls"

With Harris DJing, obvs.

Swift-taught baking classes

If you wanna be her lover, you gotta get down with... a lot of baked goods.

A crafting lesson at Michael's

Harris is going to have to go back to school trying to keep up with all of Tay's mad skills.

Bring your possible significant other to work day

Harris can show her around a turn table, so we can get some T. Swift on the 1's and 2's.

A late night couple's Tumblr lurking session

So he can keep her company throughout those late hours.

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