Did David Let Lori Take Carter On 'Finding Carter'? Taylor's Flashback Could Hold Some Major Clues

The Season 2 premiere of Finding Carter gave fans a major reveal about Lori, but it hardly answered all of our questions about the infamous baby snatcher. We now know that Lori is Carter and Taylor's biological mother and Elizabeth's "anonymous" egg donor, but as Lori herself told Elizabeth, that's definitely not the whole story. According to Lori, David is the key to Carter's kidnapping and understanding why she did it, which is something suspicious fans have believed since the beginning of the series. Since David is about as trustworthy as Crash (so, not even a little), I can't really see Carter's dad revealing his dark secret to Elizabeth anytime soon. But that doesn't mean Finding Carter won't find a way for David to come clean — and Taylor's memory of Carter's kidnapping might hold the key.

In the Season 2 premiere, we see Taylor and Carter have fuzzy flashbacks to the day Lori scooped Carter off the Wilson family's lawn. Taylor seems to remember the whole thing a little bit better than Carter — she's replayed that moment for years in her head out of guilt for not stopping the kidnapping. But while Taylor might not know it yet, it could be this flashback that holds the key to figuring out why Carter was taken in the first place. As with everything kidnapping related, it all goes back to David.

In the very beginning of Season 2, we see what appears to be a man walking away from a young Carter. All we see are his feet, but we can assume that it's David. Moments later, Lori drives up, takes Carter, and drives them both away. The whole time that's happening, Taylor is watching from the front door. It seems logical that a 3-year-old Taylor could have witnessed something major happening, but because of her age, was simply too young to remember it properly — but given that this is a TV show, her memory might come back at a very convenient time. Could the secret hidden in Taylor's memory be that David let Lori take Carter?

I find it highly suspicious that David was home when the girls were taken — while it's more than possible for a parent to lose sight of their child, David didn't seem to feel as guilty over the kidnapping as I would assume one might be. Elizabeth was consumed with guilt and sadness over the kidnapping, but David never seemed quite as emotional over Carter's disappearance. Perhaps that's because he knew she was with Lori, who would never hurt her — and he got something out of the deal.

Perhaps David and Lori were having an affair behind Elizabeth's back, and it was David who set up Lori as the egg donor. Maybe Lori could not carry children, so Elizabeth became Lori and David's secret "surrogate." David had planned on running away with Lori, but once Taylor and Carter were born, he knew he couldn't leave Elizabeth alone. He broke things off with Lori, and instead built a life with Elizabeth. An outraged Lori contacted David and threatened to tell Elizabeth everything — unless he gave her Carter to raise as her own daughter. David, perhaps feeling guilty about his role in the plan, decided to oblige, maybe with the intention of telling Elizabeth the truth down the line... it just never happened.

Taylor has some serious doubts about her family, and it's clear that something has to give when it comes to what David really knows. If Taylor can remember the truth about the day Carter was taken, she might be the one who cracks this whole thing wide open.

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