Target Releases An Interactive Lilly Pulitzer App

Ever since the Lilly Pulitzer for Target lookbook came out last week, the craze has not stopped—and I love it! To keep the excitement going, Target has developed an app for all the Pulitzer fans out there and it just keeps getting better. WWD stated that the app is a build up to a potential upcoming commercial.

The commercial and the app will work together to create an innovative shopping experience. Both of them will be set at a party in a beautiful estate filled with people of all ages. Viewers will find different pieces from the collection throughout the party, which gives a little extra outfit inspiration if the lookbook wasn't enough. You can also click the bulls-eye icons to get more price info about each piece in the collection. Target’s campaign executive, Todd Waterbury told Racked, “We invite viewers into a fun-filled party that starts on television and extends into a digital experience where parallax views allow the guests to explore the party from their vantage point and connect them directly with the Lilly product in each room.”

As if the lookbook wasn’t enough, the interactive aspect of the app immerses the consumers into the summer bash filled with different possibilities to dress up the collection. You can join the party on your desktop or on your mobile devices on

Image: Target