Robyn Lawley x ASOS Is Perfect For Summer

Body-posi role model (and actual model), Robyn Lawley released her swimwear collection on ASOS. Filled with adorable prints and cute cut-outs, the beach-and-swimwear collection is definitely something that everyone is going to love wearing once the weather starts to heat up again. Although Lawley focused on designing her line for curvier ladies, like herself, I could see how the pieces could work for a variety of other body types as well.

The prints are very whimsical and seem more springy than summery with sketched out floral prints and an array of pastel colors mixed with bolder, brighter colors. Nonetheless, they’re all super perfect for the coming seasons, whether you want to hit up the beach with your friends and have epic lakeside bonfires. What's more, they’re great transitional pieces because you can throw on a long cardigan and a pair of yoga pants once the sun sets and you’ll look just as put together as you did when you were rocking the swimwear on its own. And to be honest, I’d find an excuse to wear her swimsuits even if I wasn’t hanging out at the beach. If you paired any of Lawley’s swimsuits with a pair of high waisted pants, no one would be able to tell that you were wearing a swimsuit.

Check out some of her designs that are available on ASOS below:

1. One-Piece Ruffled Swimsuit

(Robyn Lawley Almost French 50S Swimsuit, $218.37,

2. High-Waisted Beach Pants

(Robyn Lawley Sky High Criss Cross Beach Trousers, $156.76,

3. Two Piece Bikini Set

(Robyn Lawley Treasure Chest Rouched Bikini Top, $106.01,

4. Diamond Swimsuit

(Robyn Lawley Rough Diamonds Multi Fit Swimsuit, $202.06,

5. Floral Peephole Bikini Top

(Robyn Lawley Gothic Rose Peephole Bikini Top, $112.36,

Images: robynlawley1/Instagram; ASOS (6)