Kathryn & T-Rav Reconcile After The "Raise The Roof" Incident On 'Southern Charm' But The Whitney & Kathryn Feud Heats Up

When we last saw our Charmers, a kale salad dinner was cut short when Kathryn and T-Rav butted heads over the U.S. Senate hopeful’s “Raise the Roof” campaign ad. But the fight did not last too long: On Monday night’s episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn and T-Rav made amends. T-Rav chalked up the “Raise the Roof” misfire to men being from Mars and women being from Venus. (Ah, yes. How could I forget. That explains it all.) The direct descendent of John C. Calhoun said she didn’t want to cause her boyfriend any additional stress during the campaign, so she declared she would not fight with him anymore. “Wow! What a peaceful season of television we have to look forward to,” I would say if I had not watched the This Season On trailer or read any of the gossip about the cast.

Someone else was on Kathryn's poo-poo list Monday night: She was livid with Whitney for being the idea man behind the sorority girl dance party advertisement. Not only did she suspect Whitney orchestrated it with the intent to upset her, but she also thought it was an "embarrassing" move for a politician.

Alas, Kathryn would rise above. Even though Whitney would be at T-Rav’s crawfish boil campaign fundraising party, Kathryn would not cause a scene. She would ignore him. Whitney could buzz around from party guest to party guest to show off the commercial all he wanted, but she would not call him out in front of T-Rav’s donors. Instead, she would skulk off to some dark corner of the waterfront venue and light up a P funk (and yes, I did about pass out when she said "I'm smokin' a P funk and I'm great now". Was not ready for that). There, in her secret corner, she could vent freely about the director of “Raise the Roof” to Dani and Jennifer. She could call Whitney a “little tiny baby troll” in private. She could decompress, flick the cigarette into the water, take a deep breath, and return to the party.

But then it happened: Shep and Whitney walked by Jennifer and Kathryn’s secret nook. UH OH. Kathryn told Whitney they needed to talk, but not in front of other people. UH OH! So, they excused themselves, walked a few steps, and sat down in two empty chairs. UH OH!!

Oh, their talk did not go well. It did not go well at all. They argued about Whitney suggesting Kensie would be embarrassed of her parents with or without "Raise the Roof" (CRIMENY, WHITNEY. I knew you could get salty, but DAMN). They argued about whether or not “Raise the Roof” was $20k well spent. They argued about Kathryn's role in the campaign. They argued and argued and argued. Peace was not made. A sobbing Kathryn stormed through the party. The guests noticed T-Rav's distraught girlfriend leave for another private nook to be consoled by Dani.

I waited for T-Rav to chime in with a "You know what they say: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" in his T-Rav way, but the callback never happened.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo