Good News, 'Tron' Fans

by Nick Romano

At long last, we finally have some concrete information on Tron 3 — concrete information that confirms it's happening, that is. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garrett Hedlund is reprising his role as Sam Flynn for another outing in the computer world, and he's not alone: Olivia Wilde, who played Quorra in Tron: Legacy, is also re-donning her glowing jumpsuit. We've been hearing rumblings for some time how Hedlund, at least, would make another, would make another Tron, but this is the first major development that seems to confirm the sequel is for sure happening.

Disney's Tron got its start back in 1982. It featured Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer who gets sucked into a digital world of his own design known as the Grid. He was joined by Bruce Boxleitner, who played the dual role of Tron and Alan Bradley, and both had parts to play in the sequel, Tron: Legacy. Dropping in theaters in 2010, the film revealed that Bridges' Kevin Flynn had a son and that son went on a mission to find his father. Of course, he gets trapped in the digital world, too, though he meets his father and Wilde's Quorra, an algorithm made flesh who can pack quite the punch.

Tron 3 has been in development for a long time, pretty much ever since Legacy took home upwards of $100 million in box office revenue. Since then, tidbits about the film's progress have been released here and there. Hedlund said a couple years ago how he would return to the world, while director Joseph Kosinski — who's since worked on Tom Cruise's Oblivion — was confirmed to return to direct. Though the studio has still failed to pinpoint a release date, casting information is definitely a good sign for this long-awaited project.

After all, with this new information of Wilde and Hedlund's involvement comes news that the film is looking to start shooting this fall. If Disney sticks to this plan, that means we could be seeing Tron 3 in 2016 or 2017.

Image: Disney; ImgArcade