Will Harry Styles Be At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards? Hopefully, & There Are Many Reasons Why He Should Go

One Direction has been going through some crazy times in the last month, with Zayn Malik leaving mid-tour and the rest of the boys left to continue as a foursome. Even with that massive blow, the 1D guys have remained positive as always, and have vowed to do some of their best shows for their fans. After their show on April 1 in Cape Town, South Africa, the band is now on a two month hiatus, which means they have scattered about for some very well deserved downtime. With 1D on a break, it is natural for me, as a fan, to wonder what my favorite member will be up to. A big night in entertainment is coming up on April 12, so I have to ask: will Harry Styles be at the MTV Movie Awards?

Well, my fellow Harry Styles fans, I have some interesting ~insider information~ ready for you. OK, actually I have to thank Twitter for my up to date news because no one can keep tabs on pop stars better than the Internet. There is photographic evidence that Harry Styles was IN LOS ANGELES on April 5. I repeat: Harry Styles was in Los Angeles posing at a Nike Town with some fans.

Guess where the MTV Movie Awards will take place? The Nokia Theatre IN LOS ANGELES on April 12. Now, I have no doubt that Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction were sent an invitation to the show because who wouldn't want them there? But now that Harry Styles is actually in Los Angeles hanging out and probably writing some music and getting new tattoos, I think this means that the probability of Styles being there is very high. And why should Harry Styles be at the MTV Movie Awards? Let me count the ways...

He Can Catch Up With Jessie J

It was announced last week that Jessie J will be hosting the pre-show red carpet event. Back in 2013, the two English stars rubbed elbows at GQ party and took adorable pics together. Perhaps they can discuss some tunes together, since Styles seems to be doing some writing on his own apart from 1D.

He Can Schmooze With The Film Industry

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rumors have been swirling that Styles will eventually go into the acting world and an "insider" shared with E!, "Harry has told his friends that the wants to get into acting. He loves Los Angeles." Hmmm! Could it be true? Even Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein has shared that "there's no question" Styles get into acting. Styles' friend Cara Delevingne will also be at the awards to present an exclusive look at her new film, Paper Towns.

He Can Do A Follow-Up Skit With Andrew Garfield

Remember last year when the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had an exclusive of their film during the 2014 Movie Awards? Garfield's password turned out to be a nod to Styles ("Harry Styles makes me smiles.") A meme was born, fans were excited, so it only makes sense to bring two of the most adored British celebs out on stage together. Can you imagine the screams?

He Can Flirt With Some Single Hollywood Ladies

Hey, Harry Styles is a single man right now, and he is 21 and on top of the world, so I don't blame him if he wants to mingle with some very beautiful and talented leading ladies.

He Can Promote His Instagram Film Noir

MTV on YouTube

Remember that weird little film noir film MTV made from Styles' moody Instagram photos? Perhaps this was a ploy to get Styles to the awards this Sunday and maybe they will surprise him with an honorary "Best WTF Moment" award.

He Can Give Us Some Red Carpet Man Bun Action To Swoon Over

This one is self-explanatory and highly necessary since Styles might not be seen too much until One Direction goes back on tour.

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