Is This Cat Going Up Or Down The Stairs? It's The Blue And Black Dress All Over Again, So Get Ready For A Fight — VIDEO

Hey, remember when we all defriended a large portion of our friends on Facebook because we couldn't stand to listen to them argue over the true colors of the black and blue dress that broke the internet? Well, get ready to use all that extra internet hate fire you still have in reserve, because it's about to start all over again. A user on 9gag recently posted a picture of cat, and nobody can tell if this cat is walking up or down the stairs. Nobody knows who this cat is, or the true origins of this photo, which confirms all of my earlier suspicions that cats are secretly trying to destroy us—because honestly, this picture will hurt your poor brain.

I have to say, I looked at this picture and immediately thought the cat was walking down the stairs. Then again, I am a person who saw "The Dress" as blue and black and then re-saw it as white and gold, so I don't think my brain can really be trusted with anything of this nature. The picture is taken at such a key angle and is just grainy in quality enough that you could genuinely trick your mind into thinking the cat is going either way. What is up? What is down?! IS GRAVITY REAL?!

Here is the picture that is wrecking us all over again:


I think what we need to do is collect a pool of human beings and have them report on what color they see The Dress versus whether they think the cat is going up or down, to see if there is a correlation. I cannot think of a single thing in the universe that it would solve, but being a former psych major, putting people through trials of things with inconclusive results is basically my jam.

In any case, it was nice knowing all of you. I'll be in a bunker underground somewhere until we're all done ripping ourselves apart over this. Surely by the time I get back, this cat will have his Stair Cat own product line and television show and will join the rankings of the internet's most famous cats, so at least I have that to look forward to, kind of.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur; Giphy