Will Robert Pattinson Be At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards? It's Unlikely, But Not Impossible

Robert Pattinson has been seemingly whisked away in his love affair with FKA Twigs, the otherworldly singer who he's been dating for only eight month but who he's, allegedly, engaged to. But other than building what seems to be a pretty solid relationship, the man formerly known as Edward Cullen has also been busy carving a niche for himself as an actor in more artistic and indie films. So with a big award show coming up this Sunday, April 12, you've got to wonder: will Robert Pattinson be at the MTV Movie Awards? I wouldn't bet on it.

If you've forgotten, Pattinson, of course, has attended many MTV Movie Awards ceremonies in his day, during the Twilight saga frenzy. He and Kristen Stewart were nominated what seemed like a hundred times in the Best Kiss category, and they won four times. That's a lot of kissing! But he's Edward Cullen no more, and he's said time and again that he doesn't want to be known as a pretty-boy who sends young girls into fits of screaming hysteria (which he was, and did, for quite some time). So will he make the awards this year? Let's consider the possibilities...

He Gets Nervous

Pattinson told Jimmy Kimmel last year that he lies a lot in interviews because he gets "heavy saliva" in his mouth (gross), because he "panics." It's painfully clear that he's not comfortable with the press, especially after he was hounded by paparazzi for so long, so he probably won't want to deal with the mess of screaming girls on the red carpet.

He Wants To Get Away From Twilight

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Pattinson has made it clear he wants to move on from Twilight, so I don't think he'd want to remind people of his Movie Award goldenboy days or his Twilight era. And the film choices he's been making recently prove that.

He'd Probably Have To Go Stag

Do you really think that FKA Twigs would want to go to the MTV Movie Awards? And how embarrassing would it be for R. Patz to walk the red carpet alone? I don't think so.

He Might Be Too High-Brow Now


Pattinson might have once been a sparkling, sensitive vampire, but he's got films at film festivals now, like The Rover AND he stars in Queen Of The Desert, a film directed by the legendary Werner Herzog! Do you think Werner Herzog would approve of Pattinson hamming it up with some popcorn trophies?!

But He Could Go To Troll Us

Remember this monstrosity? How could you forget, really? Maybe Pattinson has something even more shocking and grotesque planned for his coif and will debut it at the MTV Movie Awards. Hey, you never know.

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