Wear An Apple Watch Like Katy, Pharrell & Drake

The clock is ticking, pun intended, before the Apple Watch will finally be available on April 24. Those who are lucky enough, including celebs who own the Apple Watch, are already flaunting these highly coveted pieces and doing it with style. Big name stars like Katy Perry and Pharrell have showed off their new watches on Instagram, while Drake wore his Apple Watch to perform at Coachella this weekend. With just a few weeks until the Apple Watch's release, it's good to know how to wear these pricey tech devices and still look fashionable.

Wearing an Apple Watch isn't rocket science. You slap it on your wrist and you're ready to party. It's that simple, right? Wrong. First, you have to know which of the three models you're going to buy: the regular Watch, the Watch Sport, or if you have $17,000 to spare, the Watch Edition. Then, it's time to choose from the many Apple Watch straps available. Thankfully, fellow Bustler Lauren Holter has already ranked the watch strap options. But even after you've bought your watch and selected a strap, how are you going to make it look stylish?

Worn with the wrong accessories — or lack thereof — the Apple Watch becomes more about function than style. On the other hand, wear too much jewelry and it just might go unnoticed. So, if you're in need of inspiration, look to the following famous early adopters and see how they are wearing their new Apple Watch.

1. Pair it with rings

Katy Perry showed her take on the classic Mickey watch with a wrist free of other jewelry, choosing to accessorize her fingers with statement rings. The look is, in her own words, "fine, fresh, fierce."

2. Match it with your clothes

Drake's Sport Watch complements his chill, ahem, "Chella" style. Plus, red always wins.

3. Go for gold like Pharrell

The fashion icon and hat/shorts trendsetter obviously has the deluxe Apple Watch Edition. Whoa, indeed.

Images: Katy Perry/Drake/Pharrell/Instagram