Hillary Clinton Merch To Get You Hyped Up For 2016

The time has finally come. Hillary Clinton is officially going for the White House in 2016, which brings one very important question to the forefront ahead of all others. While other outlets are super concerned with highlighting the pros and cons of a second Clinton presidency and stitching together new Benghazi allegations, some of us are busy tackling what obviously matters most: where does one find and purchase the coolest Clinton 2016 merchandise?

There's always the usual: wait around long enough for a donor newsletter with a free bumper sticker to arrive in the mail (honestly, good luck with that), or make the trek to a formal convention or appearance and hope that the rabid throng hasn't already eaten up the best buttons and cheap pens (unlikely). Or, if you're less than patient there's always the new and improved way of purchasing hot-ticket campaign items: on the internet — you know, that thing that all normal people use.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that ReadyForHillary, the Secretary's official campaign site (which hasn't yet specified an official White House run either) plans to "post online the names of hundreds of donors who have given or raised more than $5,000", according to a source in the loop with Clinton's camp. Of course, it's not all about the merch.

"They have the luxury of doing this the right way, and not trying to just see how much money they can hoover up," a senior Clinton strategist told The Post.

Whatever the motivation, ReadyForHillary and design sites like LookHuman have already begun rolling out on-point designs on various items, ranging from dog sweatshirts to phone cases. So guard your wallets — because we've compiled a list of some of the coolest items to break your summer budget.

This incredible dog sweatshirt

...Seriously, does it come in human sizes too? Not only does the hoodie include a zipper-front enclosure and a pooch-sized "I'm Ready For Hillary" patch, it has its very own kangaroo pocket — perfect for storing Fido's biscuits. Or your cell-phone if you're really lazy and really trust your dog.

An amazing "Trillary 2016" tee shirt that will help you stand out from the crowd

Hillary backers can help the Secretary earn a higher percentage of the young vote by employing slang terms that those dang youths bust out from time to time. Youths. You'll look extra cool if you break out a few facts about the gender wage gap and workplace discrimination among female tech workers while wearing this tee too. Knowledge is power, folks.

The most iconic Hillary Clinton image of all time

Hillary Clinton takes the term "throwing shade" to a whole new level, and luckily someone was there to capture one of those moments on camera. With her iconic dark sunglasses and no-fuss hairstyle, Clinton stoically taps away on her Blackberry in the now-famous image — probably texting John Boehner to let him know that the GOP reign of terror on women's health issues is going to be ending soon. Put this poster on your wall to remind yourself each morning to get up and do some serious damage to the status quo.

This super-soft throwback tee

Who said Michelle Obama and Jordan's Queen Rania were the only two fashion-foward powerhouses in politics today? Lest we forget how supremely hip Clinton was back in the day (and how hip she still is today, duh), her campaign staffers have gone ahead and pasted a vintage image of the adorable baby Secretary and former senator on an uber-comfy tee. Wear it with your favorite denim cut-offs and headwrap for a look that's perfect for stomping out gender-roles.

These tumblers filled with the tears of Hillary's enemies

... Or, you know. Fill it with your favorite cocktail, whatever.

Images: ReadyForHillary promotional images (4); LookHuman (1)