How Do Rogelio & Santos Compare On 'Jane The Virgin'?

Jane's father Rogelio may have met a cruel fate on his telenovela, The Passions of Santos, but that doesn't mean Rogelio isn't always a star on Jane the Virgin. Though he has moved on to playing a space detective opposite his acting arch-nemesis, Jane the Virgin fans know that Rogelio and President Santos will always be kindred spirits. Although Rogelio's dramatic personality may be — at times — too much for the Villanueva woman in their everyday life, Alba, Xo, and Jane all loved when he brought that drama to the small screen as El Presidente. (And Xo doesn't mind Rogelio bringing that drama to her bed

The fate of The Passions of Santos since Rogelio was killed off hasn't been made clear on Jane the Virgin. Jane stopped writing for the telenovela after penning her father's excellently-delivered death scene, but the family had to move on from the show that burned Rogelio. Now that Rogelio and Xo have moved in together (can we talk about how sweet Rogelio's lavish home is?!), the Villanuevas must support Rogelio's move to The Glory and the Temptation. And hey! Rogelio is taking his new TV role as space detective very seriously by tagging along with Earth detective Michael.

As Rogelio gets used to working alongside that jerk Esteban Santiago and not getting the wardrobe he always desires (he doesn't pop in peach, dammit!), I can still reminisce about the days of The Passions of Santos. (I'm sure Alba still watches whatever incarnation of the show exists.) And while actor Jaime Camil may not be anything like Rogelio, the character sure has a lot in common with Santos.

Oh, how I miss you and your numerous boat scenes, El Presidente. But as long as I have Rogelio being lovable and hysterical on Jane the Virgin, I know I'll be OK.

Images: Danny Feld/The CW; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle