Kevin Hart Receives MTV Comedic Genius Award & It Gives Us Another Reason To Love Him

It's no surprise, when you think about it, that Kevin Hart was awarded the MTV Comedic Genius award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. MTV has a lot to love about he guy, and they've shown it for years — he hosted their Video Music Awards in 2012, after all. But in 2015, Hart is off the clock, simply attending the 2015 MTV Movie Awards to receive the honor of being "a person who cracks us up without fail," as MTV puts it.

And 2015 was the perfect year for Hart to take home the honor, as he's made what host Amy Schumer approximated in her opening jokes was somewhere around two million movies. Between Ride Along, Think Like a Man Too, The Wedding Ringer, and Get Hard, Hart has been throwing his funny around in a big way over the last year. (Of course, not every film was a winner; as Schumer joked, Hart might also be suited for the "Can't Say No To a Movie" award.) Fans can't help but love the man with the most energy per square inch in Hollywood though, and now there's even more reason to love him: his kids, who were with Hart every step of the way at the event.

Hart's daughter, Heaven, sported a preciously unimpressed face for most of the Movie Awards, but when Hart brought Heaven and his son, Hendrix, up to accept his Comedic Genius Award with him, she was all smiles and wearing her dad's jacket.

Hendrix dutifully (and adorably) handled holding the golden popcorn while his dad accepted the award, even though it was just about as big as he was. But, as Jimmy Kimmel's introduction proved, the Hart family isn't detracted by a few jokes about their size (Hart's comedy nicknames according to Kimmel: Eddie Smurphy, Tracey Munchkin, Cedric the Enter-tiny, and Bernie MacNugget).

Hart may be a proven funny man — his upcoming tour is projected to be the highest grossing comedy tour of all time, as Kimmel pointed out — but he took the opportunity to show off his family man side in his Comedy Genius Award acceptance speech:

You wonder why I work so hard... my kids are with me because this is why. I do it all for them and I'm trying to leave a legacy behind so when it's all said and done the name Hart means something.

Heaven and Hendrix seemed pretty proud of that Hart legacy, and weren't even too embarrassed to do a little signature handshake with their dad to prove it. Adorable!

Congrats to Hart!

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