Kevin Hart's Daughter Is Winning The MTV Movie Awards One Disappointed Look At A Time — VIDEOS

A few things probably stood out to you if you watched the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. There was Channing Tatum's twerking, the fact that we didn't get to see Zac Efron win Best Shirtless Performance as part of the telecast, Shailene Woodley's big speech. And then there was Kevin Hart's daughter who won the MTV Movie Awards by being totally unimpressed.

A number of times during the show, the cameras panned to Hart for reaction shots which meant his two children, Heaven and Hendrix, who were sitting next to him were shown repeatedly. The MTV Movie Awards seem like they'd be a pretty exciting place to be, but I'm thinking Heaven might've been a little too young to be totally into it. Instead of clapping and looking happy to see a bunch of celebs in one place, her reactions were a bit more... pouty. And seeing as the Internet loves an unimpressed face (especially on a child), Heaven really grew in popularity during the evening.

If you thought the award show wasn't as exciting as you expected, were bummed that Ansel Elgort wasn't there, or ran out of wine mid-ceremony, allow Kevin Hart's daughter to express your pain for you. Take a look: