Your Favorite YA Authors In Their Own Handwriting

If you've never been to a book festival, might I suggest you sign up for the next one in your area immediately. Like, right now. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Oh good, you're back. YALL West just wrapped in Santa Monica on Sunday, and while there were countless inspiration bits of wisdom doled out from the best YA authors in the biz over the two-day fest, the overwhelming vibe of the event felt humble, human, and beautifully raw. These writers have written multiple best sellers, some have even had their books adapted for the big screen. And yet they all openly embraced their loyal fans by sharing their secrets, their darkest moments in life, and the fandoms they first fell in love with. They are all real people who still struggle like everyone else. They still feel all the nerves and insecurities each one of their fans feels upon approaching their signing table. They're also extremely funny, adorable, and cool to the point where you desperately want to become their BFF and bask in their aura.

I had the honor of handing out a short questionnaire for some of these famous YA authors to fill out in their own handwriting, and it resulted in hilarious responses that will keep me smiling, perhaps into the next month. Want to see what your favorite authors said? Go ahead and enjoy!

Veronica Roth (Divergent)

Awkward but loyal. She is all of us.

Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles)

WINE. Yas queen.

Ellen Hopkins (Crank)

Her take on inspiration is eternally inspiring.

Libba Bray (Diviners)

Bill. Freaking. Murray.

Ava Dellaira (Love Letters to the Dead)

Note the distinction she made in her mind (and then on paper) that bird was too vague for her spirit animal.

Leigh Bardugo (Shadow And Bone)

The shower is every creative person's friend. Love this SO MUCH.

John Corey Whaley (Noggin)

I think we've all had failed attempts at Yoga. Lookin' at you, one handed tree pose.

Robyn Schneider (The Beginning of Everything)

The path to general happiness in 2015 can be summed up in a similar order: coffee, Netflix, Twitter. Amen.