Why Starving Artists Make The Best Partners

An artist is always in the process of creating, even if it’s while they’re brushing their teeth or standing in line at the DMV; they’re looking at things with their own unique point of view. If you are dating an artist, you may be their inspiration for their art. And who doesn't want to be an artist's muse? Georgia O'Keeffe, Kiki de Montparnasse, and Patti Smith were not only muses, but artists in their own right.

Every creative type person has their own definition of what it means to them to be an artist. Artists chase art the way other people pursue material possessions, and artists are relentless in achieving their artistic goals, even if they have to live a life of poverty. Art is the objective, and if fame and fortune come from it, so much the better, but struggling artists are prepared to pay whatever the cost is to do their art. If you're involved with an starving artist type, it doesn't mean that you come in second place, it's that you must share your artist's heart with their art.

An artist can have spectacular highs when their inspiration hits, and very soul-crushing lows when they think their art will never be appreciated. Artists are unconventional and passionate about their art, and life itself. Since artists are never boring, having a relationship with an artist will keep you sharp, and maybe it will help you to see your life in a more vibrant and colorful way.

1. Starving artist types know how to turn very little into a lot.

Sure, they don't have a fancy apartment or car, but they can make things out of nothing. It might look like a bowl of ramen noodles but after he/she is done with it, it's a feast for two.

2. Spending time together will be creative, even if they don't have much cash.

They'll know all the great cheap dates and there are a ton of things to do for free or almost free, such as concerts, inexpensive meals, picnics in the park, enjoying nature, movies in unique places like cemeteries, and don't forget last-minute theater tickets.

3. Artists have a lot of passion.

Painting a picture or performing in a play are ways that an artist can release some of their passion, but since they have a surplus, much of it will be directed at you.

4. They'll have time for you.

Artists are often self-employed, and make their own hours. However if they are in the zone they may lose track of time and be late to your date. It isn't that your artist doesn't care, they just tend to get really focused, and have a hard time of pulling themselves away from a project. But when they're with you, they are entirely with you, both body and soul.

5. You'll get amazing gifts.

What better way for a starving artist type to show you they care than with a well-thought-out and creative present such as a song written for you, a poem, or a picture painted of your cat?

6. Your artist needs to experience all that life has to offer.

Life is an adventure for the starving artist type, and you'll be along for the ride.

Your starving artist may never be a Picasso or Klimt, but anyone who pursues art for the love of art, is to be admired, and supported.

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