What Your Fave Emma Character Says About You

If I counted all the reasons we love Emma Watson, I'd be here forever. The fierce feminist, incredible actress, and all-around international treasure has been beloved 'round the world since she made her breakthrough in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 2001, and the love for her shows no signs of slowing down. Even though she's taken breaks from acting since wrapping the Harry Potter series to focus on school — she graduated from Brown University in 2014 — she still has many memorable characters aside from just Hermione Granger. (With that being said, anytime I can use Hermione reaction GIFs in everyday life is amazing.)

To celebrate her 25th birthday on April 15, it's time to make the ultimate choice: Who is your favorite Emma Watson character? For most people it will be a "duh, Hermione" moment, but think about who you really relate to the most. Are you whip-smart and sassy like the bewitching Hogwarts grad, or do you prefer to party like The Bling Ring's Nicki? Maybe you are secretly sensitive and feel like an outcast like The Perks of Being a Wallflower's Sam, a survivor like Noah's Ila, or a strong woman who doesn't take nonsense from anyone like My Week With Marilyn's Lucy. Find out what your favorite character says about you below, and remember there is no wrong answer, because all of them are fantastic.

Harry Potter's Hermione Granger

Whether or not you're book smart, street smart, or a combination of both, people turn to you when they have a problem. You're fiercely loyal, but always tell it like it is — sometimes with a bit of sass. You're persistent and never give up, even when the going gets tough.

The Bling Ring's Nicki

Even though partying can get the best of you and perhaps your judgement isn't always the best, you're there when you're needed. You're spontaneous and fun and love being in the spotlight.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower's Sam

Some might call you quirky or weird, but you embrace it. You surround yourself with likeminded people, especially fellow outcasts. You struggle to talk to people about your problems, but are always helpful when someone else needs a shoulder.

Noah's Ila

When the going gets tough, you don't run away — you're a survivor. You're resilient and have tackled every challenge you faced. Sometimes your decisions aren't the best, but you make up for any mistakes with help to those wronged after.

My Week With Marilyn's Lucy

You don't let anyone tell you "no," and you built yourself up from the ground. No one can boss you around, even though you come off as a sweet, innocent person sometimes. You get what you want, even if it means standing in the shadows and helping others first. You can be guarded, but open up once someone earns your trust.

Beauty & The Beast's Belle

You'll do anything to help someone in need, and you believe in people wholeheartedly. Books are probably your favorite thing, or learning in some capacity. You make friends easily and keep them forever, even if it's just a small, eclectic group of people. You know that people can change, and you help them become who they really are inside.

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