7 Beauty Tips From Darren Criss As 'Hedwig'

If anyone out there was still doubtful, we now have solid proof that the addition to the cast of Hedwig and the Angry Itch is a most brilliant one: Darren Criss in full Hedwig makeup. Three days ago, he unveiled a photo of himself on Instagram, in full makeup to play the transgender protagonist. If you ask me, when it was announced that Darren Criss would replace Neil Patrick Harris, I geeked out. Big time. Fangirl mode immediately commenced and many a discussion was had with anyone who would listen about the epic decision the fine people in casting had made. I was never not certain that he was perfect for this role, mainly because Criss was made for Broadway. But his look was Beyoncé flawless in the most Lady Gaga of ways and, as such, needs to be analyzed for beauty inspiration.

Hedwig will, no doubt, be a challenging role for Criss, but it also seems like an expertly crafted career evolution that he has quickly become comfortable with. The Glee-alumni and theatre-trained actor spent the last few years portraying Blaine Anderson, a gay high school student in small town Lima, Ohio, while also taking a short detour to Broadway for an acclaimed stint as J. Pierpont Finch in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. However, I don’t think it will be long before his most buzzed about role is the current one, considering the Internet is a flutter over the first look alone. Do you think they teach you how to work blue eyeshadow like a boss in drama school? Or is that just an innate ability?

Regardless of past roles or current opinions on Criss’ upcoming Broadway reprisal, no one can deny that he is fierce in the first unveiling of his Hedwig makeover. While the stage look is a bold, multi-colored, glitter-filled one not quite suitable for full recreation every day, Darren Criss as Hedwig can certainly inspire us seven ways to Sunday for an amped up spring beauty look.

1. Bright Baby Blues

While I realize blue eyeshadow can be a tough look — unless you are actually attending a rave or aiming to bring back the '80s — I am feeling that deep turquoise Hedwig eyeshadow. Seriously, this Broadway bound face is making me believe we need to make a valiant effort to pull off eyeshadow from the cool side of the color wheel. Don’t fret, there are options when it comes to blue peepers — you can go all in on bold color like Criss by using a cobalt shadow as a thick liner, circa the Fall 2014 Kenzo show, or you can swipe a light blue shimmer shadow over your whole lid for a slightly icy look. Either way, the nod to Hedwig will give your eyes fresh flare.

NARS Matte Eyeshadow in Outremer, $25,

OCC Loose Colour Concentrates in Cavu Blue, $14,

2. Dramatic Smokey Eye

It is safe to say that most of us can file pulling off a bright blue smokey eye as well as Darren Criss under #lifegoals, where it will likely stay. But that under-eyeshadow smudging? That we can do. There is a tendency toward sporting fresher, dew-kissed, au naturale faces as the weather warms, but I fully believe a dramatic eye can be worn sporadically all year round. The key to Criss’ amped up eye is the full circle smokey shadow, which is easiest to achieve when using a kit equipped with all the necessary smokey shadow tools.

Ardency Inn PUNKER Smoky Eye Kit, $39,

3. Glitz And Glitter

If you don’t like glitter, you are reading the writing of the wrong girl. My personal philosophy is that you can never have too many shoes or too much glitter and my god do I love the cascading glitter that Criss is sporting for his makeover. I would wear this look every single day if I could. Not practical though, right? I mean, speak up if you think it is — all it would take is a minuscule glimmer of hope for me to attempt working this application into my daily routine.

Just in case we make the collective decision to not go full Hedwig with our glitter, there are super practical ways to incorporate sparkle, shimmer, and shine into your shadow game. You can go heavier with a foil finish eyeshadow in either Broadway-style blue or a pretty pinkish gold, creating a metallic look that is on trend and more sophisticated that chunky glitter, or top off your everyday color with a glitter eye top coat for a softer application that still sparkles.

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow, $32,

ULTA Glitter Eye Top Coat, $8,

4. Bold Brows

TBH, Darren Criss’ eyebrows in this photo scare me — they are very cabaret clown, a.k.a. the eyebrows my nightmares are made of. However, this is also a reminder of just how impactful and memorable a bold eyebrow can be, whether on fleek or terrifyingly off fleek. Either way, bold brows are here to stay for a while, so let’s ensure our grooming game is on point, easily achieved with a double tipped brow pencil for both proper fill in and seasonally appropriate highlighting.

Clinique Instant Lift For Brows, $17,

5. Elongated Lashes

Our boy is working those false lashes! Could the Darren/Hedwig lash be to 2015 what the Cara Delevigne eyebrow was to 2014? I think, yes. Criss is ready to bat those eyes like one of those old-school baby dolls and I, for one, have serious lash envy. Elongated, voluminous, and perfectly curled, spring is the perfect time for lashes to be in full bloom and I say go big or go home. While full falsies may not be feasible on the daily, you can easily get a faux lash look with an expertly formulated lengthening mascara or by giving fiber lashes a go.

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara, $19,

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, $29,

6. Pop Pink Cheeks

While the people of Broadway have many talents, it should be noted that picking out baller blush colors is one of them. Criss’ pop pink cheek is perfection and is begging to be worn on an otherwise glowing, fresh face this spring (sans the severely contrasting blue eyeshadow — we'll save that for the stage!). Again, while the combination of colors he is rocking would be a boldly unique move for the everyday, a more saturated bright pink blush applied on the apples of the cheek is a brilliant warm weather update.

Clinique Cheek Pop, $21,

7. Fresh Red Berry Lip

It is no secret — the world loves a shockingly red, Taylor Swift-inspired lip, myself included. Timeless and season-less, I would never deny this look, however, the lipstick shade Criss is donning for Hedwig — with its berry undertones and slight metallic finish — should make us all consider adding another option into the rotation. An earthier, berry-colored red with a touch of shimmer is definitely in order.

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in Golden Dragon, $25,

Who said stage makeup is only for Broadway? Darren Criss may be one of the few that can make all of these looks works at once, but there is nothing stopping us from channeling Hedwig one beauty update at a time.

Images: Getty; Darren Criss/Instagram; Courtesy Brands