Ryan Gosling Is A Funny Guy, I Swear

One of the most meme-able men of the Internet (and one of the biggest stars in Hollywood), Ryan Gosling might co-star in the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner , according to Variety. The film, which goes by the title Prisoners is a follow-up to the 1982 sci-fi classic starring Harrison Ford, who will return to helm the sequel. In the original Blade Runner, which is based off of the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a renegade by the name of Rick Deckard saves the dystopian future by destroying one human replicant at a time. Prisoners will take place years after the original, which was set in Los Angeles in 2019, where there was a lot more existentialism and much less Katy Perry.

Along with Prisoners, Gosling has oodles of upcoming projects. Up next he stars with Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys, a crime drama about the suicide of a famous porn star in the 1970s. Following that will be The Big Short with Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell, and Christian Bale. That film is about the billionaires who profited from a global economic crash. Rounding out Gosling's slew of super-serious roles is Weightless, a film about the passionate and obsessive love triangles... which also happen to include Michael Fassbender, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, and Bale. Hot. Damn.

As much as I love seeing Gosling in pretty much anything, all of his upcoming roles and everything in recent years has been majorly heavy. It's sort of a shame considering the fact that Gosling is actually a talented comedic actor. Here's why we need a little more light-hearted Gosling in our lives:

Because of This

You Better Believe Because of This


Naturally Because of This

Oh break my heart, why don't you!

Absolutely 100 Percent Because of This

Lest We Forget Because of This


And This

Nope. Not at all.


Oh funny Gosling, won't you come back to us?

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