Olivia Wilde Is Pregnant With the Funniest, Most Beautiful Baby

Everyone's favorite gorgeous half-alien, half-human is going to have a baby. People confirms that Olivia Wilde is pregnant with her first child. The father, of course, is her fiancé Jason Sudeikis. The pair was engaged in January and now, 10 months later, they have some very exciting news. According to a source, they're "incredibly happy"... and so are we. The combination of Wilde's wild beauty and talent with Sudeikis's killer sense of humor is something this world could most definitely use.

No word on due date or gender, but it might be safe to assume this is just the first of a few spawn this couple will give to us. In March, Wilde sat down with Marie Claire and said she "can't wait" to have kids but admitted she wasn't planning on having them "now." What a difference a couple of months makes, huh? She also revealed that planning is not her forte... and admitted that "whatever happens, happens." So, surprise!

Wilde also said that she loves the idea of having three children because it's "like a little party," and we couldn't be more on board with their plan to have a lot of kids. There's been a veritable bumper crop of humorous babies this year: Owen Wilson's got one on the way, Vince Vaughn's second child arrived this summer, Jimmy Fallon's daughter Winnie busted onto the scene back in August, and with Seth Meyers wedding, perhaps another funny person is being made as we speak. The next generation of comedians is currently shitting their pants and being spoon fed, which is already effortlessly hilarious. Can't wait to see what they're capable of in 18 years.

Congrats to Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis on their pregnancy — we owe you one, guys. Thanks for creating more awesomeness.