When Does Karen Know 'Daredevil' Is Matt? Season 2 May Deliver Her Some Answers & Jumpstart An Epic Romance

Has everyone finished marathoning Daredevil yet? If not, stop reading this right now, minor spoilers ahead. Now that the others are gone, go ahead and try to tell me you aren't 'shipping Karen Page and Matt Murdock. They’re both obsessed with justice, attract danger like magnets, and they are both really, really ridiculously good-looking. While Claire Temple was Matt’s love interest for much of Season 1, she seems to be out of the romantic-picture for now. Based off how hard the finale was hinting at a Karen/Matt relationship, there is definitely love in the air for these two. That, plus the cues from the comics, make me think this means that Karen Page will discover Daredevil’s identity in Season 2. What does Karen finding out his secret identity have to do with them falling in love? Quite possibly everything, actually.

In the comics, Karen and Matt work together for ages without her knowing his secret, with Matt creating elaborate excuses to hide the double life. (My personal favorite is the twin brother excuse. Classic.) Once he finally fesses up about his vigilantism, they end up getting together. Even if Netflix doesn't follow the comics plot that closely, I still don't think Karen will commit to Matt until she unmasks him as the Daredevil.

Clearly she is crushing on Matt right now (can you blame her?), but she's also attracted to the Daredevil. You can tell from their dealings with Fisk that she wants Matt to be more ruthless, more like the vigilante hero. This conflict is something we will definitely be seeing more of as the story progresses (I mean, how could we not?). Plus, in an interview with IGN, Deborah Woll admits that Karen wants more from Matt Murdock:

What's interesting is that there are some conflicts between Karen and Matt throughout the series where, for her, Matt isn't going far enough. So in a way, the Matt that Karen knows should be doing more, should be breaking the law or pushing the limits, to try and uncover the truth. I think it's interesting that, in a way, they're so alike, but neither of them can know it about each other, because they're a little bit ashamed about that part of themselves that would stop at nothing. So it's going to be fun, I think, over the course of the series, to see those similarities in both of them.

Since their romance seems to coming up next season (whenever Netflix feels like announcing it), it’s not a matter of if she discovers the truth so much as when. With Foggy already aware of his secret identity, and the three of them working so closely together it’s not going to be easy to hid this from Karen for long. Personally, I hope she finds out to truth sooner rather than later. The show works best when it has it’s three leads all working and fighting together. Additionally, Karen is a smart and curious woman, and I’d hate to see her miss the obvious just for the sake of keeping his mask a secret. We’ve already got the ingredients for a very solid romance here, hopefully Netflix will renew Daredevil for Season 2 and fast, so that we can see how it plays out.

Images: Barry Wetcher/Netflix; netflixdaredevil/Tumblr