How To Ask Someone To Prom, Because Remembering These 3 Things Will Take The Pressure Off

Prom is on the horizon. If you’re in high school and stressing about how to get a prom date, stop. Instead, get up, go over to the lucky guy or gal of your choosing, and ask them to go with you. You don't have to anything fancy or over-the-top, just ask. Worst case scenario: they say no. Best case: they say yes. Problem solved. That's easy for me to say, right? I'm an adult, my high school days are far behind me. And while that may be true, I was a pretty ballsy teen. That said, I do understand the nuances of asking someone out, especially someone who may not be aware that you like them. It’s usually not as simple as flouncing over to someone, proffering an invite and watching as their face brims over with glee.

Even worse, high schoolers can be brutally cruel. If your invitation falls flat and word gets out that you asked someone to prom and they said no, you might lose face. And while that sucks, I'm here to help you look at the bigger picture about asking someone to prom, because you might even have more fun with a friend. Here are three things to remember when asking someone to prom.

1. If they say no, it really, really doesn't matter

No one remembers anything like that that happened in high school in the end, so try not to sweat it. I swear. I have very hazy memories of prom, and have completely blocked out or forgotten most of the things that felt like really, really big deals back in the day.

2. Consider bringing a friend instead

I have another solution. Both times I went to prom, I brought a friend. I suppose I should temper this by saying that I was dating an older guy who graduated from my high school four years before I did, and he refused to relive his high school days by dancing the Macarena alongside a bunch of teenagers. (I can’t say I blame him.) By bringing a friend, I unlocked a mystery of prom: It’s more fun with a pal anyway.

In my friend group, I watched the awkwardness of navigating corsages and boutonnières while hormones surged. No one really knew what to do. Meanwhile my best guy friend and I goofed around and made silly faces at the parents who stood in attendance with cameras for my junior prom. Problem solved.

My best girl friend from childhood came with me to my senior prom, which was even more fun. We danced with wild abandon, took a lot of selfies before they were called “selfies” and gossiped a lot. When it was over, we jumped in several cars with my closest friends and booked it to the Jersey shore for a night in a weird beach motel. (In retrospect, I’m not sure how a gang of teenagers secured a motel room for the night, but — we worked it out.)

3. Don't stress!

So stress not about the prom. It’s really just an over-hyped dinner party, and when you get older you’ll go to way better dinners and dance parties, I promise. If there’s a guy or girl whom you really want to go with, summon your courage and ask them. Be direct. If not, or if you’d rather avoid the risk of rejection, go with a friend and have a blast. As with most things, enjoying prom is a choice. Choose fun!

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